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12 October 2009


Day 32
1 month old - don't you think she's really smiling?!
Emma has made it through 1/12 of her first year. Sigh.

More firsts!

First big girl bath with daddy
First bottle (not such a huge fan)

2nd attempt at the 1st bottle later that day. . .

Emma's first snow on the day of her first 5k (of which she walked about 1/3) - both of which happened on her 1st month birthday
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11 October 2009

Mommy's girl

Most people who see Emma initially think she looks like her daddy - and then they see my baby pictures. :o)

Go Gophers!

Mommy thought it would be fun to do a little photo session with Emma while she was tiny enough to fit in her daddy's old football helmet. Emma initially did not agree, but eventually came around!

Flying solo

Two weeks ago we had a grandma here to help cuddle Emma in the mornings, help us with meals, and keeping up with the house. That was the life! As they say though, all good things must come to an end and having a live in Grandma did too. After a few melt downs, we've started to hit a groove and are figuring things out.

I'll blame my mom's departure on my falling behind on the blog though. Here are a few more catch-up pictures and high lights from the past several weeks.

Emma is now 9 lb 1.5 oz, 22'', and her gray eyes are starting to turn brown. She's still got her full head of hair, perhaps because we rarely put her down. She's definitely a much better sleeper when she's cuddled near mom or dad and much happier when she's in our arms as opposed to in a swing/crib/bouncy chair/whatever. We're doing the best can both for her and for us and continuing to get to know one another day by day!First bath in her big tub!

At moments she wasn't so sure. . .
But overall she enjoyed hanging out in it
Afterwards in her robe and slippers

Our little family!
Making faces at mommy
3 generations!

B is for Busy!

This parenting thing sure is exhausting! At any given moment there is laundry to be dealt with, a floor to be vacuumed, baby to be fed, changed, bathed, cuddled, snuggled, rocked, soothed. . . Plus there's the whole thing that parents should eat and shower too - oh, and that zoo of ours seems to think they should get at least a little attention and food. Phew! Are you tired?? I know we are!

That being said, Emma is absolutely divine and we are loving every crazy minute! The tiny little newborn we brought home a few short weeks ago has grown TWO inches and gained almost TWO pounds since her birth. Holy cow!! She's also awake more of the day in a 'quiet alert' mode (as opposed to the scream til they do something different mode), which has been a lot of fun! Those wide eyes just look around and soak up the world. And even though she's a little young for social smiles, I swear she's smiled at me on more than one occassion!

So here are some pictures from the past several weeks of Emma's busy life!
Looking very serious!
Jedi Emma!
Dressed for fall on Gma Wilson's Bday and not thrilled about the chilly weather!
One month old! 3 weeks old!
She keeps us laughing!
Tiny month old toes

At her first Gopher game against the stinky Badgers