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14 February 2011


Actually is around us!

The Murrays are feeling the love today and we hope you are too!

07 February 2011

Go to St. Croix

Seriously, it's beautiful. Go! We did, with Grammy & Oscar, in mid-January in an effort to keep our brains from completely freezing during this long, cold winter. Putting hats, coats, mittens, long-johns, *etc. aside for a week was Heaven.

We lounged on the beach, had fabulous meals, went snorkeling WITH A SEA TURTLE! An actual sea turtle thought it'd be fun to snorkel with me! That was the.coolest.experience.ever!! I'm excited just recalling it! And enjoyed some wonderful, warm, family time for a week!

(*Although I did get teased for having a very cute scarf on the day we arrived - a lady at a roadside restaurant said she was afraid I'd lost my luggage and told me I could get away with walking around in my bra. Something to consider)