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24 February 2009

Cat naps & birth psychology

I love naps, always have, likely always will. And one of my favorite things (and really a necessity to get through these days and be able to actually pay attention to my clients) is to shut my door, set my alarm, and curl up in my comfy chair with a throw pillow & a blanket. I love that I work some place where I don't need to be sneaky about this, that it is considered self care and is even supported. This place has been a blessing in so many ways.

The other thing I have been meaning to write about since last week was a lecture I went to with a girlfriend on "Riding the Hormonal Waves" of childbirth. The child birth educator came from the perspective of promoting natural childbirth and reclaiming the birth experience as something to be valued in this country, rather than a purely medical, detached procedure. My girlfriend Lindsay has had me thinking more about this since September when we first got together to talk birth and I had never considered the birth experience I would want when I thought about having a child.

This speaker touched on how our bodies are programmed for this experience and if we can trust the instintual knowledge and respect our bodies needs (whether to move, groan, etc.), birth can be not only miraculous, but an empowering experience. This way of thinking really fits with me and is in line with the work I am doing with my clients on becoming more in tune with their bodies. The idea of birth psychology was also new to me before last Tuesday and now may become a professional interest to persue.

I won't get into the details since what is really exciting and fascinating to me may be a bit of a snooze for others, but if you'd like to talk more about it, I'd love to meet up for a cup of coffee (decaf for me of course) to chat more! I guess my main thought is that the lecture as well as other conversations & information I have been privledged to gain lately have really changed my perspective on this whole experience and the experience to come.

Hopefully this all made since. I'm overly tired and due for my cat nap!

23 February 2009

Morning, noon, and night

Sickness that is. For a while I mostly experienced nausea, getting sick just once or twice. Then I mostly was nauseaus in the evening, which really is as convenient as it can be given I was able to put on sweats after work and head to bed. For the last few weeks, though, I have felt naseaus and actually been sick many times throughout the day. I left church early last week because I started feeling so poorly and couldn't even muster up the desire to go this week due to it. "They" say it subsides in the 2nd trimester, but I'm 5 days away and it has intensified. Sigh. I'm hoping that come Saturday my body realizes it should technically be past this point and gives me a break!! (**I'm also wondering how to discerene when it's "morning sickness" vs. actually being sick, especially now that Steve's not feeling great today.)

I made the decision to tell my clients today, at least in the intensive outpatient program I work with, that I am pregnant. This was largely due to the increase in nausea and some difficulty eating. Working with clients with eating disorders poses a special challenge in this process. My body is changing and I'm not always sure how I feel about that (especially when clothes I've had for years no longer fit), certain foods are revolting (namely fish, even though I generally really like fish), and in my role I am working with clients on accepting their bodies and reclaiming foods regardless. They all responded really well and I trust that they will be understanding of adaptations and changing needs. I also trust that the team I work with will be wonderfully supportive at the times when the clients (or their eating disorders) are not able to be. In a lot of ways it feels good to have the information shared!

17 February 2009

How much...

...can I attribute to this baby?? Weight gain, check, nausea, check, exhaustion, check, absent-mindedness, check?! I just turned on a burner to heat up my tea pot. I went through my exercises (first time since I badgered my trainer husband to get me some a few weeks ago, obviously I was in a hurry to start) and the kettle still hadn't whistled. Seemed strange, so I went in to the kitchen to check it out and was greeted by smoke and a melted spoon & spatula. Awesome. I turned on the wrong burner. Is there any way I can blame this on the baby???

**Oh, and as I was typing this I realized that I still hadn't heard the kettle whistle, so I went back in to check it out. I had transfered my tea pot on to the hot burner, and proceeded to turn the burner off.**

16 February 2009

Sympathy pains??

I've read that partners sometimes gain weight and even experience a version of morning sickness when their partner is pregnant, but I haven't read anything on dogs... That being said, I have been feeling a lot more queasy this past week and have been sick on several occasions (lovely, I know). Then at 4:45 this morning after Steve left for his first client, I heard an unpleasant sound in our bedroom and found that our dog Hank had gotten sick, not once, but 3 times. Awesome. Cleaning up dog vomit at 4:45 a.m. is not exactly my idea of a good time. I got things sort of cleaned up, dumped some carpet cleaner on it, and went back to sleep for a few more hours, but I've been wondering since then, could Hankers have sympathy sickness?? If so, hopefully we both get past this stage quickly!!

15 February 2009

Here goes nothing. . .

So I have a confession. I love reading blogs. I don't need to know the people, I just like reading about their lives. I also like it when the blogs I read update their sites frequently to satisfy my curiousity. But this is the first time I (we) have ventured in to the blogsophere. We'll see how it goes. I doubt I'll post daily, maybe not even weekly until there's more to say, but for now, welcome! We hope this is a way to track events that are occuring in preparation for our baby, satisfy the curiosity of those who are anxious to see 'the bump' grow, and eventually share our adventures in parenting!