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16 November 2009


Super happy baby video to follow. May result in repeated viewing.

15 November 2009


We loaded Emma in a sling and took her to the movie Up! at the Riverview Theater today. Yummy popcorn, a sweet movie, and a sleeping baby. Does it get any better??

And then there were 3

Animals that is. And people I guess. We're evening the playing field tomorrow. We've made the grown up decision to give Charlie to a friend. He's a sweet dog, beautiful, playful, aloof, but his energy level is just too much for us and our growing family. These friends house sat over Easter and after I'd joked that they should take a dog, they said they were really interested in Charlie. As it became increasingly apparent to both of us that this was just a bit too much, we got in touch and worked things out. He'll have a new doggie brother, Riley, and may even learn some tricks from people who have time and knowledge to train a dog. It'll be sad to see him go, but we know it's best for our family.


My aunts gave Emma a Bimbo seat at my shower this summer. Well, at least that's what they called it. We'll probably steer clear of implying that our daughter's a bimbo. At least until she's old enough to talk.

You can call me. . .

Doctor. Mommy. And now Clinical Psychologist! My license arrived in the mail yesterday. This means I'm now responsible for any potential mistakes I make. Yikes.

But!! No longer do I have to stumble over myself as I try to explain that, no, I'm no longer in school, I have my doctorate, but no, I call myself a psychologist. . . Yet.

09 November 2009


Happy birthday baby Emma!! You are growing and changing right before our eyes! I held you as you ate early in the morning, thinking back to how tiny you looked 2 months ago when I stayed up with you that first night. You don't look as tiny anymore - you've gotten 2'' taller and have gained 5 lb 7 oz of beautiful baby chub. I wish I could bottle moments like that up so I can accurately recall them forever. I guess I'll have to keep doing my best to savor each precious moment with you, sweet girl!!



08 November 2009


A month ago Emma HATED the swing. And the bouncy seat. And pretty much anything that meant she wasn't being held. Now she just hates her carseat (mostly when it's in the car).

Fall break!

Daddy made a few short days during Macs fall break and Grandma & Grandpa Murray came up to visit. They brought a yummy lunch and enjoyed time staring at me, since I'd changed sooo much since they saw me last - 4 days after I was born! Mommy & Daddy took advantage of the visiting grandparents to take their first trip out together since the drive to the hospital - they ran a few quick errands and thought it was sort of nice being able to run in and out of a store. I can't wait to see Grandma and Grandpa (and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins) at Thanksgiving!

Family pictures

We were given the gift of a photo session with a family friend - Kyle Johnson - for Emma's birth from my aunt & uncle. We went last Thursday and had pictures taken, getting the link to the site on my birthday (another bonus of not being busy at work yet - time to sit and gaze at Emma). The link will only be up for another week and a half, but we'll be ordering some of the beautiful prints so we can continue to gaze!


If anyone in the Mpls area's looking for a photographer - we'd highly recommend Kyle!

Going green

We got Emma in cloth diapers this week. So far so good!

Blame it on the baby brain

My 28th birthday was Wednesday. My first day back to work was Wednesday. Anyone else see a problem with this? Best of all, no one made me go back to work on the 4th. I didn't have leave that expired forcing my hand. I had decided to go back the beginning of November. (Granted, family finances and slow insurance reimbursement got me back a bit sooner than I would've chosen, but I got to set the date.) Sigh.

Best part of going to work for the first time after becoming a mommy - coming home to your baby.
Best part of going to work on your birthday - cake at the end of the day!

I'm ready for my close up

Child of the 80's

I love how trends come back. I remember rocking leg warmers, although I think I may have only had black, nothing as cool as Emma now has. Makes me want to wear a onesie and hang out around the house with awesome leg warmers on. I might pass on the cloth diaper though.
(Yes, I know this outfit is a little crazy, but it was chilly and her jeans were dirty, so I tossed the leg warmers on with the dress. I think she pulled it off though, don't you?)

02 November 2009

The Amazing Emma

I was trying to come up with a fancy stage name for Emma, you know, for when she's displaying all of her tricks, but I'm drawing a blank. She does, however, have some tricks now!

*She can quickly move her head side to side to see what's going on in the world around her. *She has found her fist and loves spending time sucking away on it.

*She has mastered the ability to nap in her swing (or bouncy chair or once today even her crib!). *She has demonstrated tremendous lung capacity, particularly on car rides.

*And best of all, she can turn the world on with her smile!

We're pretty impressed by our little girl!

01 November 2009

Fall Fun!

We spent a morning at a local orchard. Emma had so much fun, she slept right through everything! It was fun to think of how different it will be next year when she's old enough to be checking things out!

Daddy love

Emma's first Halloween was appropriately spent at a Gopher game - she made a very sweet little football!

Holy cow am I behind. . . I guess that's what having a beautiful little baby around does for you! Here's a photo summary of what we've been up to recently!