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26 April 2009

Happiest Mommy on the Block

My husband woke me up this morning carrying up a tray with breakfast. This has never happened in our marriage and I must say I enjoyed it! He made himself breakfast as well so we sat in bed, ate, and caught up with each other. Things have been so busy, especially for him, that it's been hard to catch each other to really have a conversation. The other day we were trying to talk about some pretty important things related to my job while on the phone. We both had to go several times to run do something else (pick up dinner, screens at a hardware store, leave work, etc.), so it was a pretty disjointed conversation. I'm still glad we had it, but it was really nice this morning to savor an hour just talking while also being able to look at each other.

I don't think I was the only one who appreciated it. The baby kicked so that Steve could feel it for the first time. I think that (s)he really appreciated that mommy got breakfast in bed and wanted to say thank you as well. :o)

24 April 2009

Halfway there - holy cow!

Saturday marked 20 weeks. Yes, that is 20 out of 40. Now, I'm no math wiz, but I do know that 20/40 is .5 or 50%, meaning we are halfway through this part of the journey. Where has the time gone?!

Someone said this week that they want October to hurry up and get here. Now, I understand she has her own motivation for that, and very valid reasons; however, YIKES! By then we'll have a 1 month old! That is NUTS! So no time, please slow down, just a little bit. There is a lot to do before September, at work, home, rental house, not to mention the prep for the babys arrival!!

I had a doctors appointment today and once again was reassured that everything seems to be going just as we would hope. I was given a referral for an echocardiogram and now need to set up that appointment. The babys heart rate was in the gender-neutral area according to old wives tales at about 146. Vote in our new poll!! (And let me know your guess, I'm curious who's voted already!)

The weather has been goregous in Mpls, which has been such a blessing. I am so much more of a warm weather girl, so taking a walk with the baby yesterday in 80 + degree weather was just what the doctor ordered. I may change my tune when I'm 9 months pregnant in August, but for now, it's heavenly!!

20 April 2009

The early bird feels the kick

Last night at 8 pm, Steve and I were both lamenting about how tired we were. We had both worked at the rental (I painted in the upstairs, he slaved away on the forever bathroom project), plus run other errands, made dinner, studied, and started the day with church/clients. He looked over at me with a twinkle in his eye and suggested we head upstairs and. . . GO TO SLEEP! Ya hoo! Got ready for bed, read the baby a story, and Steve was out. I read a bit longer and then crashed early too. His 4 am wake up still probably wasn't his favorite, but it couldn't have been as bad as it is when we go to bed at 10.

Anyway, so I somewhat woke up at 4 when he did, but stayed in bed trying to get back to sleep. This usually is not a problem for me, but I guess since I'd already been sleeping for 7 hours, it was a little more difficult. By about 5:30 I was resigned to the fact that it was about time to wake up, so I propped myself up and sat with my hands on my belly. I could feel the baby moving around and for the first time was able to feel a kick strong enough that my hand could feel it too! It's amazing to me that the baby is already getting strong enough to have noticable movement!

19 April 2009

Baby Boom!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet or not, but this year we know of at least one baby due each month. (That is through Nov., we're still waiting for an announcement of a Dec. baby!) It's pretty nuts to think that 2009 will bring over 12 babies in to the lives of our family and friends!

Last night we had dinner with some of our baby's future playmates. Doug, Steve, and Brent were good friends in college and now we are all expecting our first kids within several months of each other. Janel is due first on 5 June, Jenny second on 2 August, and we're last but not least on 5 September. (Not exactly how things look though!)

It's great to think that our kid will have so many playmates closeby, we can't wait for the next gathering when the 6 becomes 9!

15 April 2009

Another pic & the video

Although the baby only weighs 11 oz, (s)he is having quite the impact on my waistline!

Here is another try at loading the video of the heart beat...

It's a...

Baby!! We held firm and did not learn the sex of our little boy or girl. But we did learn that his/her heart is just fine. They spent some extra time checking it out due to a heart condition I have (that has never been an issue, nor should it become one). Just to be safe, I get to have a cardio echo done at some point, but it's nice to know the baby's all clear. Although my friends mom refers to me as the "one who's having triplets", the baby is measuring right on target. I don't know if I can say the same for me, I'll be at the doctor and will find out next week! Steve seems a little amazed at the fact that this bump will keep on growing. Here are a few pictures of the little one as well as a video of his/her heart beating away.

Baby feet!!

Just 10 weeks ago - the whole baby wasn't as big as one foot is now!

Baby Murrays Profile - who do you think (s)he looks like?!

Green chile wishes and breakfast burrito dreams

We had a GREAT time down in NM! The first few days were a bit of a whirlwind, seeing friends and eating a lot!! I am grateful that my appetite has expanded a bit and allowed me to take full advantage of the green chile and other YUMMY Mexican food options! Unfortunately I didn't pull my camera out much and am now waiting on a few pictures taken by others, but here are a few and a brief recap.

When we first got to Abq, my dad immediately took us to the Frontier. The guys got butter sponges (their GIANT sweet rolls with a, you guessed it, butter sauce), and I got my first breakfast burrito. Polished that off and then headed to see my mom and her co-workers at work. They were all excited to see the bump, although initially didn't think it was all that impressive (I was wearing a really loose tank top over a t-shirt). Once I lifted up the first layer though, there was no doubt!

After that, and only, oh, 2 hours after our first meal, we headed to Dion's for some delicious pizza - again with the chile - and salads. We met up with one of my best friends from high school, her sister, and nephew. It was great catching up with Manda and felt like old times. My mom got freed from work early, so she was even to pop in and say hi. The rest of Thursday included resting and a pedicure. Great day!!

Friday morning marked day 2 of NM eating. We met one of my best friends from college for breakfast at the Flying Star. Now they say their burritos are big enough to be split by two people, but I swear I could have polished that thing off. I exercised some restraint and left a bit for breakfast the next day, but never before would I have come so close. It was great catching up with Meg and she was excited to meet the bump.

That afternoon we went to meet up with Eric and meet his girlfriend Shelly at Sadie's. Eric has been like a brother to me since hs, so it was really good to catch up. The food was EXCELLENT and I was glad to get a yummy relleno! Eric had anotoher surprise as well and his mom Maria joined us for lunch. It was so good to see them and I'm bummed we didn't get a picture. Next time!!

After a brief hiatus (and nap), we caught up with other friends from college, Justin & Kelly, for coffee. It had been years since we'd gotten together and it was nice to spend a few hours catching up. Friday night we had a yummy seafood dinner at my parents, where I once again impressed everyone with my newfound appetite.

Saturday was a good day for just laying around and relaxing. Steve & my dad went to the gym and then later he and I braved Babies R Us. It wasn't as overwhelming as either of us had heard, so that was good, but man there are a lot of choices! We'd already narrowed some down and will make certain choices, such as bottles and diapers, easy with our decision to use glass & cloth. One of these days we'll get back to register.

Got home, took a nap, and then got ready for the party my parents were having. It was great to catch up with so many friends and neighbors. There was lots of excitement around the bump and some really cute gifts from a few NM Aunties.

Sunday came too quickly and after waking up to snow, we figured the NMs would want the MNs out of their state to get their weather back to normal. So after an early lunch, we headed out to the airport. We're already talking about heading down for at least a week around Christmas and will definitely make a stop down to Cruces. If Steve thinks the eating was intense in Abq, he's in for a surprise!!!

Get ready for your close-up!

In just a few hours we'll be getting a glimpse of our baby and now that he/she's bigger than an inch, we may get a better sense of what he/she is going to look like. Pretty exciting stuff!!! I'll post a little video of some sort later on, so stay tuned!

10 April 2009

The Land of Enchantment?

Or maybe it's gluttony, not sure which. In the first 3 hours after landing in Albuquerque, I consumed a WONDERFUL breakfast burrito at the Frontier (as well as a few bites of Steve's butter sponge, mmmm), a slice of pizza (with green chile of course), and some salad at Dion's. In less than 3 hours. It was probably excessive, but man did it hit the spot! This baby has got to get some taste of fabulous NM food! Since we're only here for a few days, I've got to work hard at making that happen. So - this morning, we're meeting up with one of my girlfriends for breakfast (another burrito perhaps? You can't get anything like them in MN.), and yummy Mexican food with a good friend from hs at lunch.

This kid would really be in for it if we had time to head south to Cruces where there are more "must hit" spots from my past... One of these days we'll get down there, until then, we'll eat up here!

08 April 2009

Takin' the bump and headin' out of town!

We leave for Abq in less than 12 hours!! Yay! (Although the waking up to get to the airport to be on a plane by 6:30 am, not yay.) The bump is very excited to go on his/her second flight (first was to Nashville, but he/she didn't have ears yet, so it may not have been very memorable). I've felt more movement this evening, no doubt as a result of excitement (not the GIANT lemon-berry slush I had today. . . I figured if I wanted more after a medium, a large would be grand. Wrong.) . . . I digress.

We will be in Abq for a few days, coming back on Easter Sunday. The baby cannot wait for an authentic NM breakfast burrito, Dion's pizza, and green chile among other treats. He/she is also very excited for his/her grandparents to catch a glimpse in person of the growth that's occured.

06 April 2009

Drawing attention to yourself...

In the last few days it's happened. I've had people who didn't already know ask if I am pregnant. Today in the middle of a session, one of my individual clients stopped what we were talking about to check in, saying she hadn't noticed the last time she was in 2 weeks ago, but definitely did today. And at an event this weekend and a meeting tonight, others asked the question. I've thought it would be funny to tell someone no, I'm not pregnant, but that would probably just be mean. :o)

On a different note, our baby got to attend his/her first (last if the baby's a he) Eleusinia. (Well, and if the baby's a she, no pressure to be a Chi O, but wouldn't it be fun??) Anyway, my sorority had it's 114th founders day celebration. I love connecting with Chi O and participating in traditions each year. It makes me smile to know the memories shared with my sisters over the years and brings tears to my eyes when we read the Symphony or sing Shades. (And I don't think it was just hormones, some non-pregger ladies teared up as well!) The luncheon was nice and it was just good to reconnect.

Two more work days until we fly south. Hopefully the weekend forecast realizes that people who come from cold climates like warmth and makes a few adjustments. If not, we'll have plenty of green chile to keep us warm!

02 April 2009

Getting "More" Pregnant

17 w 4 d

I had a client tell me on Monday that I'm "getting more pregnant." I'm not sure that's actually possible, but I definitely am looking more pregnant. I've had a few close calls on belly rubs, one from a client whom I'm sure will one day reach out and touch me and another from a co-worker... Both would have probably been fine with me. It was especially funny to watch my co-worker make a conscious effort to pull her hand back!

This week has been a busy week at work and I am pretty exhausted. After feeling on top of the world last week and working a 12 hour day with no nap and having tons of energy, I would have LOVED a nap today, but alas... Clients in crisis, groups, and paperwork will quickly take that dream away.

Baby Murray got to go to La Crosse this past weekend to (quietly) celebrate his/her grandparent's 60th birthdays. This coming weekend he/she will get to head south to NM to eat good food, see great friends, and show off his/her growth to his/her grandparents.

With aunts & uncles in La Crosse

With Grandma & Grandpa Murray