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03 February 2012

Communication overload

I suck at blogging while mommying. There, I've said it. I always feel disappointed when the blogs I read slow down and sometimes even stop their posting. This has typically happened when the bloggers have child(ren) added to their lives. And now it is true for me as well.

Between facebooking, emailing, texting, Skyping, calling, blogging, I can't keep up. I think I have one, maybe even two, twitter accounts and am on whatever Google created as well. (Obviously I don't do anything with either of those.) I also have diapers, laundry, binkies, blankies, snack time, cuddles, books, shoes to tie, noses to wipe, hair to come, babies to wash, I think you get the picture. And, like it is for most (all?) parents or otherwise busy people in the world, priorities are set whether by intention or time. Face-to-face time seems to happen more with kiddos thanks to play dates, but the electronic world seems to suffer the most.

So I apologize for those of you who take occasional peeks at this blog to see what's going on in our little family (especially a certain set of relatives in TX who somehow still are not on Facebook. Sign up already, I get around to posting pictures there about every month!). While I enjoy the moment to write about what we've been doing and pick some pictures to illustrate the day to day of our lives, it is hard enough these days to take the time to plug in the camera and overwhelm Facebook with too many (if there is such a thing) pictures of our babies. Because the idea of editing for content is far too daunting!

Phew. I feel a little better fessing up to what you already knew. And the timing couldn't be better, Emma's waking up for her nap and we're about to enter phase two of our day. Wils no doubt will be close behind since that's how things go around here!

11 December 2011

Holiday Stuff

We're trimming our tree and checking our lists. . . How about you??

03 December 2011

Family Pictures

We had the lovely Carlie Veeder come to take pictures of our family a few weeks ago. She really got some gems!!!

31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

A friend's Halloween party turned out to be a surprise 30th bday party for me! Great trick AND treat!

Oh, and at Wils' 6 day check, he was up to 10 lb 6 oz and 22''!!

25 October 2011

He's here!

Well, 50% of the votes were correct, Wilson Matthew Murray arrived Saturday night (22nd) at 11:35 pm after a 3 hour labor. I went to bed early after feeling cruddy, just rolled over to go to sleep, after journaling to this baby that I thought we'd meet him/her soon, maybe tomorrow, and suddenly realized that my water had broken. WEIRD sensation. Thankfully I listened to the nurse on the phone and we headed straight in after gathering our things and telling Emma good night because contractions picked up quickly and he was born within 2 hours of our arrival at the hospital. Seriously unbelievable. Steve was an amazing labor support and the birth went exactly as we had hoped!

20 October 2011

Baby update

Well, at 40 weeks, 6 days, baby Murray is apparently quite comfortable. We had a BPP assessment this morning to ensure that the baby is doing well and has enough amneotic fluid to indicate that the placenta is still doing it's job. The baby scored a perfect 10, so there's no rush on the medical side to move this kiddo along. I'm feeling patient, Steve's getting antsy, and Grammy is getting a gold star in patience as she leaves on Saturday and has yet to get this baby in her arms. Thank goodness for Emma or she may just be about to lose it!

We're eager to meet this little one, but trusting in God's time. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, we are really feeling the support of loved ones!!

10 October 2011

Growing girl

Here are some pictures of our Emma. She's growing and changing each day! Lots of new words, funny phrases (a few faves are "I stuck" - when she's in time out - "Mommy, where are you" - extra cute when you hear her say it - "I see baby" - as she climbs in my lap to lift up my shirt and rub the belly), and greater skills & abilites each day. It is amazing to watch her development!