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24 January 2011

Holiday Fun Part 5

The day after Christmas, we got up in the morning and made the drive to La Crosse. It was a quick trip, but nice to see some of Em's aunts, uncles, and cousins, plus Grandma & Grandpa Murray and Great Grandma Rosie for the day!

Holiday Fun Part 3 - Christmas Eve

We had the traditional Wilson shrimp soup, our friends the Whittles, church, and fun with the girls!! What a nice way to celebrate the birth of Christ and the blessings in our lives!

Holiday Fun Part 4 - Christmas Day

The Murrays celebrated our first family Christmas at home this year. Steve and I have wanted our kids to wake up in their beds on Christmas morning and this year, we started that tradition. It was so fun to see Emma get more excited about presents and stockings and stuff this year (not hard to improve upon last year as she napped through much of the festivities ;o) ). We had a great Christmas breakfast, Skyped with Grammy and Oscar, took Em for a walk/sled ride in the afternoon, and had a low-key day.

*This was especially nice since Emma was up.all.night Christmas Eve.