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21 November 2010

Diddle diddle dumpling

My daughter Em walks around the house with one shoe on. Or one mitten. Or one sock. She likes to find things - from her room, the laundry basket, by the door - and make her "request grunt" (I'll try to capture it on video, it's pretty funny and covers all nature of communication). At the moment she's got two shoes on, that she brought me independently and actually are for the correct feet. They are, however, two different shoes of two different sizes. She's content so who am I to judge.

Toddlers are funny.

*I'll try to get more pics up soon, just reading about Em may be a bit boring.*

20 November 2010

On raising a toddler

I decided yesterday after Emma truly pitched a fit that raising a toddler is much like the world is to a toddler - mostly fun, sometimes overwhelming and scary. Good thing the mostly fun comes back quickly after a period of overwhelming. And a nap.

13 November 2010

The family that shares together -

Is sick together. :oP So Em's Thursday morning bug turned into Steve's Friday bug and my late Saturday bug. (Or late Friday, early Saturday.) Em and I tucked Steve in when he came home from work and had girls night cuddled on the couch. I was feeling great until about 12:30 am. Ugh. So Emma's had two sick, lazy parents today. The poor girl.

It's especially a bummer because it's the first big snow and it was exciting to think about getting her out in it to make a snowman and play in the white stuff. Luckily, it's MN, so there will be more.

Until then, we'll master the art of hybernating.

12 November 2010


Tuesday when Em and I came home, she walked from the garage to the house, crawled up the stairs, and was ready to crawl in to the house when a very excited, non-listening Hank barreled through and knocked her down the stairs. In spite of my attempt to catch her with my leg, it happened too quickly, my hands were too full, and she toppled. It was terrifying. Other than a bump by her eye (and an anxious mother), she seemed to be her normal self. Praise God.

Wednesday after daddy came home, an excited dog who was walking through the kitchen minding his own business sent Emma falling straight back to thud her head on the kitchen floor. Big cry, anxious mom, sad dad, generally ok baby.

Thursday morning Em woke up a little before 6. Wow. In throw-up. Ugh. Daddy brought her downstairs, was stripping the bed while Em was cuddling with me and nursing. In switching sides, she puked all.over.me. Ugh. Another bed to strip, anxiety about whether the vomit was related to the head traumas of the last two days.

We were thinking we'd wait until our normal clinic opened to call and talk with our nurse. Until she took a small sip of water and immediately puked all over the floor in her room. Ugh. Threw on clothes, changed her clothes, and headed out to urgent care. Which is not open at 7:15 am. Consulted the RN grammy, called the clinic, got the on-call md, and was took to take her to the ER at Children's.

PANIC. Emma has had a cough and runny noses to this point, so to be told to take her to the ER was not quite what I had expected, but we headed straight there. (*Note - 8 am on a Thursday is a pretty great time to go to the ER. We were the only ones there.*)

Daddy came to meet us as both of us were afraid a CT scan was in our future. Thankfully, the great doctor there checked you out, reassured us that you did not have a concussion, and you might have the start of the flu. Time would tell. Daddy decided to take the afternoon off to cuddle you and keep any possible germies away from Aunt Kathy & Uncle Toads and you and I headed home to rest and recover.

Friday morning - puke free for 25 hours and getting back to normal. You're a fall or two away from being "that kid" being forced to wear a helmet all the time.

01 November 2010

Trick or Treat!!

The Trick - getting Emma to sit still for fabulous Halloween pictures.

The Treat - 8 Hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep!