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26 May 2011


We had a lovely Easter with our friends Kindra & Andy and their pup Agrippa. Emma thoroughly enjoyed watching the mutts play together. Oh, and the candy. Yum!

Cousin fun!

G & O Visit

Emma had lots of fun with her grandparents - and their iPads - in town!

Return of the bump

I've been a little delinquent in posting bump pics, here are a few!


These shoes will never be the same, but it's summer (ish) and she's a kid, so why not!


13 May 2011

sweet omission

I noticed that one special Mother's Day treat was left out. Not only did our boys surprise us with massages and pamper us with time alone, but they.baked. Cupcakes. They're not even big fans of cupcakes. That's how much they love us.

12 May 2011

What a weekend!

Here's a shout out to all you mom's out there. You know who you are and what you do and we think you're wonderful!

Apparently our guys do too! Well, let me back up because last weekend started not with Mother's Day celebrations, but with the celebration of Steve's and my 5th anniversary (a week late). On the night of our anniversary, we had a nice dinner out at our traditional restaurant. Grammy & Oscar came in for the big guns though, our first dual night away from Emma. This mama took a bit of gearing up for the actual evening, but after a few tears, anxiety, and instructions, the rest of the night and the following morning were lovely and relaxing!

Steve and I had a fabulous dinner at Murrays Steakhouse (if you go, you absolutely MUST have their raspberry pie. I am not even joking about this, it is incredible) and a full night of sleep (although our eyes popped open at 6:20 out of habit - ugh). It was great just to be able to lounge around in the morning, take our time getting ready, and not need to worry about a little toddler running amuk & need a diaper change.

Before breakfast, Steve told me I was getting my mother's day gift a day early to be sure to have the day of with my kiddo. My mom & I were set up with massages together and time to play a bit in St. Paul. How lovely! SO after a leisurely breakfast in downtown, my mom and I took off for a fabulous rub down. This will not be my only prenatal massage! She & I enjoyed some time together, doing some shopping, having a snack, and enjoying some girl time.

Sunday brought a little girl into my bed, proudly handing me a handmade picture frame with a new favorite picture of me and my girl. Best gift ever! Church, brunch, naps all around, and a trip to Ikea rounded out a lovely day. It was pretty much a perfect weekend, aside from the fact that I got no mother-daughter-daughter picture! Next year for sure!

02 May 2011

Re-fi-fo Fun

We're refinancing our house. Great financial decision, super low interest rate, but a huuuuuuge kick in the pants to finish house projects that have been lingering since, oh, we bought the house. Like the cracked lightswitch by the front door. Yes, it's an easy change, yes, it's a bit of an eyesore, no, we didn't get to it until two days ago.

Daddy's been busy doing all of the handy man projects. He really is an incredibly handy man! Things that have been bugging him for years are now getting done, like the trim in the kitchen. It looks much better. Mama's been busy cleaning, organizing, and doing little handy-ish things that are safe for daddy's sanity and our baby, like changing the light switch. You have been busy watching TV, helping me clean, and generally keeping yourself busy for the past few days. It's nice that Grammy & Oscar are now in town to shower you with attention since you have definitely earned it baby girl!!

Cross your fingers for a great appraisal Wed!