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20 December 2010

Holiday Fun Part 2

A few book club mamas and babes headed on the train to the 8th Floor Display at Macy's. Although it's been the same for 3 years in a row, it's the first time I've made it. It was fun to share with Em and she even got to see Santa afterwards!

Holiday Fun Part 1

We've been having fun decorating, baking a bit, wrapping packages, getting things in the mail (**ON TIME!**), and enjoying the joy of the season with Emma!

Children's Museum

We will be getting a membership soon - it's been so much fun the couple of times we've gone! We just need to find a time for daddy to come too, we know he'd looove watching Em explore!!

Still Thankful

I'm a bit behind. You're probably not surprised. Here are a few pics from our great Thanksgiving visit up nort' to see the Duluth Murrays. There was football, food, sledding, cousins. . . Man was it fun!

12 December 2010

Minnesota fun with snow

You may have heard we were hit by a blizzard yesterday. We've heard reports of up to 20'' of snow or so, Steve may claim more as he's been out shovelind and snowblowing several times for far too long and in the now bitter cold.

SO the fun with snow in the last day has not been in the "typical" form - it's been too deep and too cold for snowmen, snow angels, snow balls, and the like. No, this fun with snow has been in the form of status updates and clever play on words.

I present to you:

Snowmania, snowmagedon, snow my goodness, snow much fun, snOw My Gosh

If you are cooped up inside with a world of snow outside, you make do with what you've got! Don't we all feel clever?