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12 September 2011

Fun at the fair!

Can summer really happen if you don't make it out to the Great Minnesota Get Together and consume 80000 calories all on a stick?? We don't think so either.

How did this happen??

Wasn't she just born?? Apparently not, because our little girl turned 2 over the weekend! She had a fabulous birthday weekend, complete with grandparents, Chi O aunties in town, an Aggie victory over the Gopher's (seriously, how did that one happen?!), an ice cream cupcake, an Elmo party, lots of fun with friends and family, and more presents than one girl needs. . . It was an awesome weekend, perfect for celebrating an amazing two years. Happy birthday sweet girl, we love you!!

06 September 2011

A 'yee haw' to some favorite Texans!

I have some relatives who are not on facebook. This is shocking, I know, but as they are not on facebook, they have not been able to keep up with us as readily when I get delinquent on the blog. So here's a bump update just for them. Now, go friend us already!

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