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26 September 2009

Busy week 2!

I cannot believe that Emma is 16 (!) days old!! She's had a busy second week of life - running lots of errands, heading in to the offices (both mommy's & daddy's), hanging out at the salon, buying cute shoes, cheering on football teams, having brunch, and hanging out with mommy, daddy, and grandma.

Grandpa Wilson left on Tuesday, sadly I'm sure, and we've got Grandma Wilson with us for a few more days. I'm getting a little anxious about going at this alone, but know we have great support around and that ultimately we really can handle this. It has been super nice having the help with meals and dishes and laundry, etc. over the past several weeks.

Emma is busy growing and changing with each moment. At her doctor's appointment Tuesday night she weighed in at 8 lb .05 oz and had grown almost an inch!! She's only in the 7th percentile for weight to length right now, we'll see how long that lasts. She's also starting to loose her newborn scrunch, starting to stretch her legs (and exercise her lungs) a bit more each day. Each change is bittersweet for her mommy, I love that she's a healthy, growing baby and it breaks my heart just a little to know how quickly it's all going. We definitely are doing our best to soak up each precious moment with our sweet baby girl!!

Grandma's "Gigi"

At two weeks old, Emma already has a BFF and is a "gigi" (grandma's girl) - Grandma Wilson.

Thursdays with Emma

Mommy's cousin Julie, aka Emma's Auntie Juzie, has spent time with Emma on each Thursday of her little life. It's a tradition we hope to keep up!

20 September 2009


Does this look like a man who had joked that he never wanted a daughter? I don't think so. . .

**There was even a football game on at this moment - can you believe it?!**

Adoration of the Child

Emma's met many more friends this week! She has loved meeting everyone and is excited to have such wonderful friends & family!
Aunt Kay & Uncle John
Miss Lisa
Cousin Tryg
Cousin Audrey

Miss Heather, Eva, & Sophie
HS Buddies - Daddy & Miss Ginger and new friend Zula

1st Packer Party
Aunt Kay & Cousins
Aunt Jackie & Uncle Dave

15 September 2009

Family Values

With a baby in our life now, we've been working hard at making sure our priorities and values are in line with our lifestyle. In an effort to do so, Emma and I cheered the Gophers on to their first at home victory the day she got home from the hospital (while daddy & Gma & Gpa Wilson were there). Sunday we had her in green & yellow as she learned the importance of Lambeau and how to appropriately cheer the Packers on to victory.

Daddy's family room isn't finished, but his contractor's fee is up in the living room for now. He was able to spend Sunday evening as we had hoped - watching football on a giant TV with his baby girl in his arms.

Growing too fast!

When Emma was born she weighed 7 lb 4.6 oz. The next day she was down to 7 lb 2 oz and before we left the hospital she was at 6 lb 15 oz. Tiny little baby girl. Yesterday we had her first md appointment and guess what. She was back to her birth weight at 7 lb 4.5 oz. I know this is a really good thing, she's eating well and growing well (take that jaundice!), but it does make me think that she is going to be way too big way too quickly! Stay small for at least a little while baby girl, there's plenty of time to be big.

Spa Day!

I told Steve at our doctor's appointment yesterday that Emma needed a bath and we need to trim her nails and he said, oh, a spa day! What a great daddy for a little girl! We didn't get to everything, so she has yet to have a manicure, but her first bath went well and she was extra fluffy and sweet after we were done.

Learning curve - got the water all soapy so we weren't able to rinse her off and had to spray her down in the sink

I seriously can't get enough of this face!!

13 September 2009

Going home!

Getting home was quite the adventure. . . Daddy went to put bags in the car and get the car seat and came back with the car seat - the whole car seat. He didn't know how to detach it from the base. Then he went back out to install the car seat and came back with the base. . . He'd forgotten the keys (and the manual). Then it was time to figure out the heck to get her in that thing and after a bit of negotiation (and a consult with a nurse), mommy was right and we got her in. It was such a strange feeling to be wheeled out with a baby after having been wheeled in to the postpartum ward with her in my arms just a few days before.


Emma in her going home outfit - it looks a lot like our wedding invitations and I LOVE it!

Not so sure about this carseat deal

But she settled in for the ride

Last family moment in the hospital

Ready to roll! Getting home - daddy was dealing with the crazy dogs

Dog #1 got to meet her first while dog #2 was taken to burn off some energy

In her room for the first time