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31 October 2010

We love the Park!

My kind of Town

I did it. I ran off to Chicago for a weekend with my girlfriends! It was much harder to leave than to be gone as I'd been told. I have to admit that while I definitely missed Emma (and Steve), having a few days to only worry about me was pretty nice. :o)

Pumpkin Carving

We have a family tradition with the Buzza's that we've participated in the past two years. We gather a day or two before Halloween, carve some pumpkins, eat some food, and have some treats for the kiddos. Last year Em was 6 weeks old and wore her cute skeleton onesie, being very content to cuddle in family member's arms. This year she wore her giraffe costume and was less than content to stay still! Things are far too exciting to explore, who would want to stay in one place??


Mostly. In the span of under a month, Emma went from primarily crawling to primarily walking. She's so cute as she toddles around the house, the zoo, the park, well, the world! Her walking's getting faster and she's increasingly stable. For a baby who always looked pretty big, she looks awfully small to me as she wanders around her world.

29 October 2010

Fall Break - for mom

Daddy's on fall break. Well, sort of. He still is having to work a bit, thus goes the life of a strength coach in the school year, but his morning's are later and his day's are far shorter.

I decided that over his fall break, we'd try night weaning. Sorry babes. I've been allowing you to nurse on demand/request for 13 1/2 months. That's a pretty long time in the nursing world. And I'm tired. So, like the great man he is, daddy got on board and has been the one to get up to help settle you back to sleep the 2-3 times you wake up at night. It's amazing the difference a little more sleep can make.

You seem to be adjusting well, which makes me think it has been more habit than need. There's hope of full nights of sleep for all 3 of us in the future!!!

24 October 2010

My what big ears you have

Yes, the Murrays are going to be the characters from Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. Last year we dressed up together - Emma was our little football, I was the football player, and Steve was the sexy cheerleader. It was pretty fun, so we decided to pick a family costume again this year. Steve came up with the brilliant idea and now I'm busy channeling my inner Martha to make this a reality. The big, bad wolf is almost done, now to get the little red hood/cape together. We actually have to occassions to show off our ensembles as well - at the annual Buzza pumpkin carving event the night before (although that may just be Emma) and the next day at a friend's Halloween party for the kiddos.

Happy Haunting!

18 October 2010

Say cheese!

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our family, we had some great pictures taken by the wife of a guy I knew in college. Gotta love facebook. ;o) Here's a preview of a few and a link to the facebook album if you want to see the rest!

Life has been busy, but of course life has been busy. Emma's officially transitioned from a cruiser to a walker and it's pretty cute to see her toddling around, often with some prize in her hands. She is more and more of a joy each day, which is consistently surprising! They start out so wonderful, it's hard to believe they can get better!!

Our family shrunk a little bit, or maybe just was redistributed as Grandpa took Emmitt on a roadtrip to live in NM. It was sad (for me) to see him go, but the right choice for our family and I think the Wilsons are enjoying having a social cat around. It's nice to know we'll be able to visit him and catch up on Skype one of these days.

It's feeling like fall again today after a very nice, warm October so far. Hopefully we're not in for it this winter!

07 October 2010

It's time. . .

Or at least it almost is. In true form, I'm leaving much of my packing to the last minute. And also in true form, I thought I'd get a lot more done than I did (i.e. cleaning the house, packing you, preparing some sort of crazed master list for your fully capable daddy to reference). But, laundry's finished, your daddy is fully able to pack and prep you for your part of the weekend journey (up north to cheer daddy on in his marathon! Go daddy, go!!) And now Grandpa's travel changes means he's here to house/pet sit while we're gone and he can pick me up at the airport WITH YOU Monday at 8 am. Sharp.

Please don't change at all while I'm gone. Please remember me when I come back. Please don't be embarassed or judge your freak of a mother until you are a mother yourself!! Love you Emma!!!

06 October 2010

Hyper Attached

I'm getting on an airplane and leaving you for the first time - for more than 10 hours at least - on Friday. I'm a wreck. I've reminded daddy that if I die, he has to cut your fingernails and that I don't want you eating meat or having dairy with hormones.

It will be great to go to Chicago. I love Chicago and more than that, I love the girlfriends I'll be seeing. I'm at least kind of looking forward to a few days without diapers, although the added task of totally pumping is going to be a little bit of a drag. :o)

I know you and daddy will have a good time and I trust the mom's who have gone before me and say it's good for all of us. Plus I know it has to happen eventually. I guess I just didn't anticipate it being quite so emotional and difficult to do.

I love you sweet baby girl - don't forget your mama!!