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06 October 2010

Hyper Attached

I'm getting on an airplane and leaving you for the first time - for more than 10 hours at least - on Friday. I'm a wreck. I've reminded daddy that if I die, he has to cut your fingernails and that I don't want you eating meat or having dairy with hormones.

It will be great to go to Chicago. I love Chicago and more than that, I love the girlfriends I'll be seeing. I'm at least kind of looking forward to a few days without diapers, although the added task of totally pumping is going to be a little bit of a drag. :o)

I know you and daddy will have a good time and I trust the mom's who have gone before me and say it's good for all of us. Plus I know it has to happen eventually. I guess I just didn't anticipate it being quite so emotional and difficult to do.

I love you sweet baby girl - don't forget your mama!!

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