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26 January 2010


I'm too lazy to repost pictures. Use this link to check out facebook abums!


15 January 2010

Back it up. . .

I got a little ahead of myself. Before Christmas morning and New Years Eve, there was Christmas Eve.


We celebrated in true Wilson style - lobster, crab, yummmmmmy twice baked potatoes, champagne at 10, and some hot tubbin'. A new twist on the experience was shoving a postpartum body in a prepartum bathing suit. I must go shopping!

Here's to a fabulous new decade!

Baby's First Christmas

For a kid who fell asleep on the couch while others opened presents for her, there was a whole lot of excitement around her presence there.

Chi O Aunties

Emma was soooo excited to finally get to meet some of her Chi O Aunties over Christmas! She's so glad her mommy has such amazing friends!

Catching up is hard to do!

Coming back from NM was a bit jarring - the return to work, groceries, resolutions, etc. was a bit to ake in. It was great having 8 hands to help with Emma for those 2 weeks and took us a couple days to get use to just 4 (and usually 2 at a time).

I picked up my 3rd day at work this week (and proved that bad planning with start dates is more than just an accident. This time I began working 3 days on the 6 year anniversary of my brothers death. I was glad when the day ended up being short and I got unexpected snuggle time with Emma. She's an amazing barrier of joy especially on really difficult days.). Steve's been home with Emma most of the time while I'm working and she's still enjoying Wednesday mornings with Aunt Kathy & Uncle Toad.

Steve has gotten back to work (again) on the basement and is making great progress! We've moved some furniture upstairs to make it easier to get somethings finished down there. He's experienced a confusion with the electrical work in the family room, but is still optimistic that we'll be able to use the room for the Super Bowl in a few weeks. We'll see! I'm working on sticking with my resolution to get rid of a lot of stuff and I think I'm doing a pretty good job, more to go though.

Now time to catch up more with the blog!!!

05 January 2010

60 degrees

That is the difference in temperature we'll be experiencing today (a conservative estimate). NM and MN truly are on opposite ends of the spectrum and although the crappy weather and distance from family & friends makes it hard to remember at times, the two extremes offer a lot for our life. From tortillas to lefsa, it's been a visit!

The bundle me is back in the carseat, the bags are packed and weigh (slighly) under 50 lbs, and the last tamale may be eaten shortly.

Hasta manana New Mexico!

01 January 2010

Should old acquaintance be forgot. . .

Or frequently brought to mind.

With the dawn of a new year, heck, a new decade, it's hard not to get just a little reflective. 10 years ago, I was a college freshman and at that point may still have thought I'd be teaching preschool. (Although I doubt it since I'd had my first ECE class - my destiny may have already been found in the College of Ag & Home Ec.) I lived in the 200 building of Alumni with a high school friend, watched a lot of You've Got Mail, ate a lot of bagels (with cream cheese on the side, please), and I think had two fish - Seldom & Often.

Since that time, I've added a whole lot of titles to my life - Chi Omega, grad student, wife, intern, master, doctor, post doc, landlord, mother, psychologist - some that I'd expected for a lifetime and others that were a bit more surprising.

I've experienced the greatest joy in my life - marrying my best friend, giving birth to my perfect daughter. And since these past 10 years also brought my greatest sorrow - the loss of my brother - moments like that are even more sweet.

I can hardly imagine what the next year, let alone 10 will bring (other than teeth, crawling, walking, talking), but am prayerful that the lows are not quite as low.

Can you believe that at the end of this decade we'll have a 4th grader?!