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15 January 2010

Catching up is hard to do!

Coming back from NM was a bit jarring - the return to work, groceries, resolutions, etc. was a bit to ake in. It was great having 8 hands to help with Emma for those 2 weeks and took us a couple days to get use to just 4 (and usually 2 at a time).

I picked up my 3rd day at work this week (and proved that bad planning with start dates is more than just an accident. This time I began working 3 days on the 6 year anniversary of my brothers death. I was glad when the day ended up being short and I got unexpected snuggle time with Emma. She's an amazing barrier of joy especially on really difficult days.). Steve's been home with Emma most of the time while I'm working and she's still enjoying Wednesday mornings with Aunt Kathy & Uncle Toad.

Steve has gotten back to work (again) on the basement and is making great progress! We've moved some furniture upstairs to make it easier to get somethings finished down there. He's experienced a confusion with the electrical work in the family room, but is still optimistic that we'll be able to use the room for the Super Bowl in a few weeks. We'll see! I'm working on sticking with my resolution to get rid of a lot of stuff and I think I'm doing a pretty good job, more to go though.

Now time to catch up more with the blog!!!

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