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20 June 2010

Let's hear it for the boy!

While Steve is doing what he does best - being an awesome dad - I'm going to steal a quick minute to let the world (or at least the handful of you who read this) know that I think he's doing a wonderful job in his new role.

The actual date of his hire can be debated - some may say this is his 2nd Father's Day, he's leaning towards this being his first. Before Emma was "Emma", he was an awesome dad, preparing the house, patiently nurturing his wife, and eagerly awaiting her arrival. But for his 1st Father's Day of a baby we know in a more intimate way than we did last year, he really rocks. He gets up early to play with her when mama needs some rest, he has dance parties, reads books, shows her off, plans her future sporting endeavors, and is as hands on as a dad can be.

So while last year he may have technically been a "father" in the biological sense if nothing more, this year he shines as a daddy and I know Emma's proud he's hers.

17 June 2010

I'll get back to you. . .

I'm averaging 2-4 weeks to respond to emails, 1 week to respond to client messages, a day or two to respond to text, 1 day - 4 weeks to respond to FB posts (totally depends on if I notice it!), but about 30 seconds to the grinning little girl who consumes my life!

We're still here, busy and really good! 9 months is.so.much.FUN! Ask any parent and I think they'll agree. The ones I've spoken to sure do. Emma's bright personality is blooming each day and I am so grateful to bear witness to her precious life. She reminds us to slow down, connect, and most of all smile, laugh, and love.

She's standing with far more confidence and pride these days. She has yet to let go of objects around her to see if she can stand on her own - no doubt she will all too soon. She loves standing at __________ and banging on _______. It's hilarious. As are the dog and cats, especially when she leans back in your arms to look at them upside down. Man is that funny. And when Hank eats, holy cow, the most hilarious thing ever is seeing the dog eat a cheerio! (Or Trader Joe's Os as we frequent TJs and they don't carry cheerios ;o). )

Little girls are fun to befriend, Emma holds special smiles and waves for them. And people who tell her just how cute she is are especially popular with her. (Men with facial hair still leave her a little leery - much like the rest of the population as social psychologists will tell you.) Daddy is the funniest man alive and can put her at ease in a moment and momma's not to shabby either (or is it mama or mamma - I need to decide how to spell my name, but like a gf commented on facebook, what a beautiful dilema to have).

Bubbles are a bit perplexing, swings are full of smiles, walks are great, runs are amusing (seriously, have you seen her mama run!?), and new foods are an adventure. Oh, and did you know, if you drop things, people will repeatedly pick them up, smile, and hand them to you? Trust me, she's tried it. And if you drop food, the dog will gobble it up and sit by you closer with eager anticipation? Man is she powerful.

When people say that parenting is the hardest job you'll ever do, they don't lie. And my bias is that parenting with an attachment focus is even harder because our impulse is to go quickly, set ourselves aside to provide comfort, no matter the time of day or whether we think she "should" be sleeping. It is also true though that it is the most rewarding job you'll ever do. To be blessed with the task of arranging our lives to care for this beautiful girl - what did we ever do to deserve this?

So please forgive my delayed response, call, blog, text, picture, email, video, date. . . I think you'll agree I've got a great reason.