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29 April 2011

QT Pie

You are doing some things these days that are just so cute, I die! Here's a sampling:

*Changing your babies diapers - you grab one of your diapers, the changing pad, request a wipe, and take care of your babies (or monkey or koala). It's so cute to see you at the couch or in your room mothering

*Saying your name! When you see yourself in a picture or mirror, you say "Em-ma". Love this!

*Continuing with the run by leg hugs. These are amazing.

*Curling up in a chair with your blanket and cup to watch "El-mo"

*Kissing my belly and saying "baby" (then touching your belly and saying baby and pointing at daddy's belly and saying baby)

You have the sweetest heart Emma and we just adore you!

23 April 2011

World Record holder

Ok, so participant may be more accurate. Just a technicality because today we were part of setting a world recor in, drum roll please, the most cloth diapers changed at one time! We went with some friends to our favorite local baby store Peapods, played for a hour, ate some yummy treats, won some FABULOUS prizes (like $80 in prizes! 4 new cloth diapers and a pair of baby legs!), and then made history! At 11:20 all of the parents and cloth diapered babes gathered in a room to wait for the signal at 11:30 to change away. It was hilarious to be packed in a room with all of these diapered kiddos hanging out as we waited. You & your buddy were super patient and such good sports. We had so much fun! There were 300 sites around the world participating today, pretty cool, don't you think?

Then we topped off our fun morning with lunch and a book store with our friends. You're asleep, I'm thinking I should be, and now we can decompress for the rest of the day.

Happy almost Easter from the World Record holding Murrays!

13 April 2011

Flying in to spring!

It's hard to believe that the days of snow in the forecast are (mostly) behind us. It's been so great to feel spring in the air and see buds on the trees. Emma is loving the opportunities to get outside, her mama is far more willing to be out in the world when it's 40+ than when it's colder! We hunker down for the winter in the Murray household.

Em is working on yet another tooth. Ugh. This process is not fun for anyone, although probably least of all for her. She's working on more and more words, communicating so well, and she can walk backwards - something apparently children should do at 18 months that her mama hadn't noticed when we were at her 18 month appointment.

Baby #2 is growing and changing and should be the size of a lemon right now! We've hit the 2nd trimester-wow! The pregnancy continues to go well and other than being a little more tired, the impact has been minimal. With more friends having more babies, the reality of our changing family is more real and exciting! This Friday we hear the heartbeat for the first time, sooo excited for that!

Emma's getting excited for an upcoming visit from Grammy & Oscar and then a summer with more time with daddy. My how she loves her daddy time! It's been fun to hear him talking about scheduling play dates and activites for their days together as he usually has less opporunity to do so.

So there you have it folks! A brief check-in from the Murrays. Pictures will hopefully come soon. :o)