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30 August 2009

1 day or 1 month

38 weeks and 2 days - check out that foot (?) pushing it's way up!

38 weeks 4 days - getting ready to head out to take the PRE, which I found out this weekend I passed!

19 weeks later. . .

A busy past week!

How much can we shove in to a 9 month pregnancy?! Man alive! I think we've done about as much as anyone could - purchased & fixed up a rental property, totally redone and rearranged our house, passed two licensing exams, etc. . . Are you tired yet?! I think we need to have our baby so we can relax! Here are a few pictures of what's been going on.

Upstairs paint after floor was finished

Room set up and being used!
Office/Guest room space

Office/guest room hallway

Former guest room, now craft room/catch all room - still some organizing and moving to do as the basement gets finished

17 August 2009

A beautiful day in the pregnant-hood

I have had a few really sweet moments with strangers in this pregnacy. One a few weeks ago when a little boy, maybe about 3, looked at me and got SOOO excited, loudly exclaiming "Mommy! That lady has a baby in her tummy!"

Today I had two such run-ins and I thought they were great. First, after work I stopped at Chipolte to pick up some chips & guac before heading to the grocery store (it's dangerous to shop on an empty stomach you know). The kid who helped me seemed all of 16 and asked if the baby was getting close. I said yes and he was all smiley and nice, wishing me luck as I left. I left with an excited smile. :o)

Then at Target, the guy who checked me out was very cautious of not making my bags too heavy (which I really appreciate since so many of them just load me up, especially when I bring my canvas bags). He too seemed really excited and commented that he has one "just like me" at home (his accent sounded African to me). His wife is due a week after me and he was impressed that I was still out and about. Then he asked me not to work too hard and again left me with a big smile.

I have had no random stranger belly incidents, just really pleasant well wishes, which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

(**Oh, and by the way, I also got excited at Target when I bought peaches and thought of how I'll get to read James and the Giant Peach to this baby some day - those things are going to be the best!**)

Time off for good behavior

After slaving away on baby stuff & errands most of the weekend, I got Ellie out to show her a tiny snippet of what the TC have to offer. I'd heard about the Japanese Lantern Festival for several years, but had never made it. Ellie's visit was the perfect excuse! We met up with a friend of hers from Chicago and the 3 of us had a great time checking out the Japanese drumming, having beef bowls, and seeing the beautiful lanterns at Como Park. Afterwards I gave Ellie a quick drive through tour of Mpls, hopefully teasing her just enough to get her back in the future!!

Chi Omega, Yours Forever. . .

Loyal we will be. . .

My awesome biggie came up to Mpls from Chicago for the weekend and her only wish was to help prep for this baby. SOOO sweet! She helped me figure out the various slings we have (some of which seem a bit more complicated than others and require you to almost fold your child in half, but I think we got it down), make the last HUGE Babies 'R' Us run, assemble the swing, etc. She's awesome!

Steve could not figure out how 1 swing could stump to "Chi O Graduates." The fact that the instructions were TERRIBLE may have had something to do with it. . .

We eventually figured it out though. Notice the little owls girls?!

Another, far simpler, assembly project - the crib's mobile.

Finished Product - almost

The nursery is ready, minus Sweatshop Gmas curtains & cushion (and hanging a few pics). The curtain rods just need to be hung by Steve, the cushion's coming up with Gpa Wilson comes up to meet this kiddo. I'm totally in love with it now, I can hardly wait to see it all together!

15 August 2009

Total Makeover, Home Edition

We've had a few more worker bees around recently and lots has been done! My dad came back from a successful Canadian fishing trip (and don't worry mom, he didn't leave all the fish in our freezer this time. . . Dang it.) for a week of intense labor under the watchful eye of his son-in-law. I think there are two kinds of workers, the intense, perfectionists, and those other guys. ;o) We had one of each down there, Steve making sure that everything met his "piano maker" standard as my dad labeled it and my dad making sure not to let Steve see his eyes roll.

Seriously, they worked incredibly hard, we so appreciate the extra help, and we will have the best looking closet trim in the land when this is all done! Steve's parents came up yesterday, his mom to class up the baby's room and his dad to lend an extra hand in the basement, and the bedroom may be done this weekend. Pretty incredible thinking of where this all began!

Full Term

That's right folks. Today marks 37 weeks and if baby Murray would arrive today (which we know (s)he wouldn't dare since Gma Wilson's tickets were booked for the 29th), (s)he would have made it to the finish line!

Here are some pics from the last week and the ever growing bump. . . First two 36 weeks 2 days, last one 36 weeks 4 days

No words

Pictures of the finished project to be up later today

12 August 2009

Blown away!

My kid has the most. talented. grandmas. EVER. Holy cow! Today Steve's mom emailed me the plans for the mural and all I can say is wow! I hope we are able to help our child grow up realizing how truly blessed and loved (s)he is. It's amazing! AND to top it all off, this baby got his/her first piece of mail addressed to him/her. . . Curtains! They look goregous and I think are going to add so much to the room!! This weekend is going to pull the room together on an even greater level and I am just in awe, seriously. Pictures will come, don't you worry!

10 August 2009

Baby's best friend

I caught Hank sitting by the crib tonight. Then I brought Charlie in to pose with him. Hank is looking right at home next to the crib and Emmitt seems quite fond of the glider.

Steve's predictions on the zoo's reactions -

Queso - annoyed by the new addition and will keep to herself
Emmitt - overly happy by the new addition, leaving us annoyed trying to get him to keep to himself
Hankers - protective and nearby the baby
Charlie - very excited, but not really sure why

Baby Bedding!

(With fabric swatches for the curtains - green - and glider cushion - orange)

The furniture we were given by co-workers of Steve's has now reached super cuteness! It has grown on me as it's been sitting out in the garage with images of our baby danced in my head, but now that it is actually put together - holy cow! I LOVE it!! :o) Can't wait for the other touches to start making their way into the room.

09 August 2009

Nobody puts Baby in the garage

This had been a fear - that the baby could come, the room wouldn't be ready, and (s)he'd have to sleep in his/her crib that was out in the garage.

OK, so of course I wasn't really worried that we'd put our baby in the garage, but seriously, now that the furniture is in the room and cleaned off I feel GREAT!! I'm about to hit Babies R Us to get a mattress and crib skirt (to cover up the metal things allowing the mattress to be raised) and am one happy momma to be!!

**Serengeti Grandma will be up Friday to add the mural and Sweatshop Grandma got the curtains in the mail today!! Now there's just the glider cushion to finish to replace the hideous one that's on it now... Steve left it on so I could sit in there (on a sheet) to read to the baby as it gets closer. Nice gesture!**