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07 August 2009

A House in Transition

At lunch last week I commented that the construction chaos has officially entered our main living area. A client of mine called me out and said that I've been saying that for the past 2 months. She's probably right, but seriously, it really is chaotic up here now!!!

Last Friday night Steve & I cleared out the baby's room - mostly. There's 1 desk left that wouldn't fit in our (tiny) dining room. This met the 1 August deadline for beginning the baby's room and allowed me to take a deep breath. At least until I remembered all the other stuff going on.

So as it stands right now, our living room has an extra table in it, our dining room is now the office, the guest room is a catch all with various bags & containers filled with books from the office, and the baby's room is a whole lot closer to becoming the baby's room.

We also made the decision this week to hire out the mudding for the basement. Good call as now Ivan Ivanoff is able to do in 4 days when may have taken Steve 2 weeks, getting us back on track to get this place baby ready in the next few weeks.

The steps remaining are as follows:

*Finish our bedroom in the basement (flooring, trim, doors, paint, lighting)
*Move our bedroom in to the basement
*Rip up the rest of the carpet upstairs (my dad took out the carpet on the stairs last week, hooray!)
*Put down hardwood floors, paint, and put back the trim upstairs
*Move the office (out of the dining room) and the guest room upstairs
*Finish the bathroom downstairs (tiling, install vanity, toilet, lighting, paint, trim, door)
*Finish the family room (flooring, trim, paint, lighting)
*Finish laundry room (flooring, paint, trim)
*Install new stairs (up and down)

Should I add a new poll to see how far people think we will get?!

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