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09 August 2009

Nobody puts Baby in the garage

This had been a fear - that the baby could come, the room wouldn't be ready, and (s)he'd have to sleep in his/her crib that was out in the garage.

OK, so of course I wasn't really worried that we'd put our baby in the garage, but seriously, now that the furniture is in the room and cleaned off I feel GREAT!! I'm about to hit Babies R Us to get a mattress and crib skirt (to cover up the metal things allowing the mattress to be raised) and am one happy momma to be!!

**Serengeti Grandma will be up Friday to add the mural and Sweatshop Grandma got the curtains in the mail today!! Now there's just the glider cushion to finish to replace the hideous one that's on it now... Steve left it on so I could sit in there (on a sheet) to read to the baby as it gets closer. Nice gesture!**

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