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07 August 2009

Full-time personal attendant

My friend Lisa has earned herself a full-time position in my life. She was the awesome personal attendant for our wedding and did more than we ever knew that day. Over the years, she has continued to be an amazing and generous friend, always willing to help out in whatever way.

This past weekend, Lis gave up her Sunday to get incredibly hot and icky in our baby's room helping me paint it. She offered a while back when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the whole renovation process and I was just as grateful Sunday as I had felt with the initial offer. She and I were able to get 2 coats done and then I finished it up after she headed back to Hibbing.

I have felt an increased sense of peace and readiness knowing that step in baby prep is done. Steve spent the morning painting the ceiling and tonight is getting the new ceiling fan ready to be installed. It's coming together!

Now "Serengeti Grandma" - as my mom refers to Bonnie (since she'll be painting a mural in the baby's room of a Serengeti sillouette) - and "Sweatshop Grandma" and I secretly refer to my mom (since she is sewing the baby's curtains and new glider cushion) - hold the key to the finishing touches! My girlfriend Ellie will be up this coming weekend and will help me get a few other things up on the wall and lend her design eye to final furniture placement, etc.

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