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17 August 2009

A beautiful day in the pregnant-hood

I have had a few really sweet moments with strangers in this pregnacy. One a few weeks ago when a little boy, maybe about 3, looked at me and got SOOO excited, loudly exclaiming "Mommy! That lady has a baby in her tummy!"

Today I had two such run-ins and I thought they were great. First, after work I stopped at Chipolte to pick up some chips & guac before heading to the grocery store (it's dangerous to shop on an empty stomach you know). The kid who helped me seemed all of 16 and asked if the baby was getting close. I said yes and he was all smiley and nice, wishing me luck as I left. I left with an excited smile. :o)

Then at Target, the guy who checked me out was very cautious of not making my bags too heavy (which I really appreciate since so many of them just load me up, especially when I bring my canvas bags). He too seemed really excited and commented that he has one "just like me" at home (his accent sounded African to me). His wife is due a week after me and he was impressed that I was still out and about. Then he asked me not to work too hard and again left me with a big smile.

I have had no random stranger belly incidents, just really pleasant well wishes, which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

(**Oh, and by the way, I also got excited at Target when I bought peaches and thought of how I'll get to read James and the Giant Peach to this baby some day - those things are going to be the best!**)

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