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23 June 2009

Let's hear it for the boy!

Father's day this year made me realize that dads get gipped. (Is that how you spell it? Well, you know what I mean.) Well, not totally. The one in our house did get waffles for breakfast, a few bike things, and a "future gopher" onsie for the bambino/a. But at church, dads weren't mentioned once. At least not in the, we appreciate all you do to make the world go round and keep kids (and wives/partners) happy and growing into people who make a difference in the world.

Now on mother's day, we had the unofficial youth Sunday, praise, and adoration. Don't get me wrong, this mother-to-be appreciated all of the attention and acknowledgement of the road ahead. But what about the dads?

I don't know about you, but my dad had/has a tremendous impact on my life. He has inspired me, cheered for me, challenged me, and had/has a huge role in shaping me in to the person I am today. Steve's dad has done the same for him and both continue to have a huge role in our daily lives. I have every confidence that my husband is going to be just as important in the life of our child(ren) as our dads have been (and continue to be) to us. Doesn't that deserve praise and adoration, too??

So here's to the dad's out there, a little overlooked on Sunday or not. You do a great job and you are appreciated!! My baby's daddy is downstairs in the basement as I write this making the home just a little more ready for our bundle of joy. That by itself deserves a parade!

Read to me. Please.

With Baby Murray's Minneapolis Public Library onsie ("Read to me. Please.")
(I think the baby weight is really showing in this one!)

In spite of the fact that my morning started last Friday with the licensing exam, it really was a great day. I came home from the test, ate lunch, and caught a short nap while finishing what I hadn't watched of the Sex in the City movie the night before (it's an absolute favorite and a great way to relax and go through a full gamet of emotions!). I needed to rest up a bit before book club and my first baby shower!

In my book club we have a book shower for our pregnant ladies. This month it was my turn (in spite of the fact that I didn't even get the book for this month, such a slacker!). The baby got lots of wonderful books for us to read to him/her and we can't wait to get started! (His/her mom got a few she's really excited about as well!) It was a great time that went by way too quickly!

Afterwards I had to dash to St. Paul for a prenatal massage set up by my lovely husband. That felt like Heaven!! Steve and I then spent the evening watching New in Town to complete this apparent "Katie Day".

Almost makes me willing to take the exam again, but hopefully that won't have to happen!!

Where'd week 28 go??

28 weeks, 4 days

These past few weeks really zipped by. I was in the final crunch before the big test and spending most of my time not at work sitting at the computer taking practice exams or reviewing study materials. Not fun. I felt as though I did the best I could though and now it's just time to wait and see. How ever it turns out, I did what I could do. Baby Murray was especially wild that day keeping me company during the almost 4 hours of testing. Needless to say I was pretty wiped out!

Other than that work has continued to progress on the basement. Steve spends most of his time when he's not at work or training for a 1/2 iron man down there making lots of noise. :o) It's such a big project that I think it's hard for him to feel like he's accomplished much, but I think it's coming along. The extra space is going to be sooo nice!

14 June 2009

Summer is for time spent with friends!

Friday night we enjoyed the company of the Stiers. They moved to WI a few years ago and in spite of our vote that they move back to the cities, I think they're staying put. . . Bummer for us! We enjoyed an evening of catching up (some of us staying up way too late, one of us grateful to not be sharing a room with a 14 mo old who decided to play at 2:30 am!) and then Steve and I got to be baby-sitters Saturday morning while the grown-ups went to a Bar Mitzvah.

Their daughter Ellie is absolutely adorable and a whole lot of fun. That being said, she's also a bit mind boggling to me! At this stage of the game, I can imagine having a baby. I can picture myself buying groceries wearing a sling with a child and having an even harder time getting out of the door to work because I'm having to load up a baby and all his/her stuff. However, at this point, I cannot fathom having a 1 year old! They're mobile and quick and oh so curious! All the joys of being with them are causing this mom to be a teensy bit of anxiety about all the changes that are to come. I think that the fact that we cannot possibly imagine all the ways that life will change, first with a baby, then a toddler, then preschooler, on up through teenagers and adult children, is a psychological blessing. This whole pregnancy thing results in being parents. Forever. Of people. Wow! Seriously, it is a lot to wrap your (or at least my) brain around.

That being said, it's also incredibly exciting! I got to spend a few hours with Ellie alone with the zoo while Steve was with a client. We went to a neighbors yard sale (where I scored all sorts of great stuff for our baby), played with a ball, and hung out with the zoo. Once Steve got home from his client, the 3 of us took a walk over to the park and played on the swings. Parks are so much more fun with little kids squealing with laughter as they swing!!

I was so impressed with all members. Queso, not surprisingly kept well to herself upstairs. Emmitt was in the mix of things, allowing Ellie to pet him occassionally and following her around with a very curious look on his face. Charlie was curious, but somewhat aloof. He was not as polite when Ellie was having snacks, assuming that a cracker in her hand at his level was an open invitation, but he did keep his distance after that. Hankers on the other hand was Ellie's buddy. He sat calmly by her on the ground when she ate her snack, only picking up things that dropped on the floor (later he wasn't so polite when he stole a graham cracker she was 'offering' to him by walking around with it in her hand. . . Too close to eye level for him I think). It's reassuring that with all this chaos and this small zoo of ours that they do so well with a tiny little 14 month old toddling around the house.

Charlie & Emmitt seeing if she wants to share
Hank & Emmitt with Ellie
Hank & his new buddy

All of the fun and excitement made for a tired Murray household and the zoo and myself got a long nap in the afternoon. Thanks for the visit Stiers, it was great seeing all of you!!

10 June 2009

They said it would happen. . .

but I didn't want to believe them!! The 2nd trimester was wonderfully energetic. The 3rd is coming with some familiar fatigue. Sigh. I didn't admit it until the other day, but I have been feeling a lot more tired recently. The end of the week, weekend, and even today have required naps (and this morning's was before I even did anything really). I'm still holding out to hope that at least some of the fatigue is due to the stress of a little thing called the EPPP that I am preparing to take next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by next weekend, I'll have pep in my step again! We shall see.
27 weeks 4 days

In other news, there has been serious remodeling going on in the Murray baseement. My dad has been up since last Wednesday and in that time he and Steve have installed an egress window and framed out almost all of what will be our bedroom. He leaves tomorrow morning, so Steve is trying to get as much help as he can before then. I think they are planning on having the bedroom, back of the laundry room, and start of the family room framed out before he leaves tomorrow morning. It's pretty exciting! The amount of dust from the window project was incredible, but the result is even more so. It's taking a lot of Steve's time and effort - and it looks at this point like it may actually be done before this baby shows up! How cool would that be?? We're talking about a housewarming something this winter since we never had one when we moved in or finished the garage. At that point most of the major projects will be done (we eventually will be remodeling the upstairs bathroom and refinishing the floors, but that can wait) and it'll be time to show it off!

Murrson Family Construction Crew

04 June 2009

What a difference 10 weeks makes!

16 weeks, 3 days

26 weeks, 5 days

Each week when I upload a new picture, I look back at the weeks before. It now seems so funny to me that by 12 weeks I felt I really had a 'bump' to speak of! Yes, there was a little something there, but now that seems like a tic tac compared to what's going on. (And I imagine that in 10 more weeks, I'll be feeling similarly.) It's amazing to me how my body is changing to accomdate this growing baby.

We're at our last day of the 2nd trimester. Yup, tomorrow marks the end of the 6th month and entry to the final leg of this race. How incredible is that?? The time is just flying! *I hope I still feel that way in sticky Minnesota heat this summer.*

Everything continues to go well. This week I've had a better sense of which little body parts may be where. I had either a butt, head, or foot (but probably one of the first two) right below my right ribs most of the day yesterday. That makes it harder to bend or lean over, even to easily/comfortably get to my plate when I'm eating at times.

On Monday I had the privelege of meeting Ms. Peyton Surgeon when I took her parents dinner. It was incredible to hold such a tiny little baby and think that there is one like that growing inside of me, just waiting for the right time to be placed in my arms. I'm not sure I'll ever hold our baby in my arms when (s)he is quite as small as Peyton, after a week in the world she was up to a whopping 5 lb 13 oz, but whatever the size of Baby Murray when (s)he makes her/his appearance, (s)he will no doubt seem tiny! We'll know soon enough!