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04 June 2009

What a difference 10 weeks makes!

16 weeks, 3 days

26 weeks, 5 days

Each week when I upload a new picture, I look back at the weeks before. It now seems so funny to me that by 12 weeks I felt I really had a 'bump' to speak of! Yes, there was a little something there, but now that seems like a tic tac compared to what's going on. (And I imagine that in 10 more weeks, I'll be feeling similarly.) It's amazing to me how my body is changing to accomdate this growing baby.

We're at our last day of the 2nd trimester. Yup, tomorrow marks the end of the 6th month and entry to the final leg of this race. How incredible is that?? The time is just flying! *I hope I still feel that way in sticky Minnesota heat this summer.*

Everything continues to go well. This week I've had a better sense of which little body parts may be where. I had either a butt, head, or foot (but probably one of the first two) right below my right ribs most of the day yesterday. That makes it harder to bend or lean over, even to easily/comfortably get to my plate when I'm eating at times.

On Monday I had the privelege of meeting Ms. Peyton Surgeon when I took her parents dinner. It was incredible to hold such a tiny little baby and think that there is one like that growing inside of me, just waiting for the right time to be placed in my arms. I'm not sure I'll ever hold our baby in my arms when (s)he is quite as small as Peyton, after a week in the world she was up to a whopping 5 lb 13 oz, but whatever the size of Baby Murray when (s)he makes her/his appearance, (s)he will no doubt seem tiny! We'll know soon enough!

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