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10 June 2009

They said it would happen. . .

but I didn't want to believe them!! The 2nd trimester was wonderfully energetic. The 3rd is coming with some familiar fatigue. Sigh. I didn't admit it until the other day, but I have been feeling a lot more tired recently. The end of the week, weekend, and even today have required naps (and this morning's was before I even did anything really). I'm still holding out to hope that at least some of the fatigue is due to the stress of a little thing called the EPPP that I am preparing to take next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by next weekend, I'll have pep in my step again! We shall see.
27 weeks 4 days

In other news, there has been serious remodeling going on in the Murray baseement. My dad has been up since last Wednesday and in that time he and Steve have installed an egress window and framed out almost all of what will be our bedroom. He leaves tomorrow morning, so Steve is trying to get as much help as he can before then. I think they are planning on having the bedroom, back of the laundry room, and start of the family room framed out before he leaves tomorrow morning. It's pretty exciting! The amount of dust from the window project was incredible, but the result is even more so. It's taking a lot of Steve's time and effort - and it looks at this point like it may actually be done before this baby shows up! How cool would that be?? We're talking about a housewarming something this winter since we never had one when we moved in or finished the garage. At that point most of the major projects will be done (we eventually will be remodeling the upstairs bathroom and refinishing the floors, but that can wait) and it'll be time to show it off!

Murrson Family Construction Crew

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