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07 August 2009

Murray 3.0

Steve turned 30 on Monday. Yup, my husband is an old man. He's disappointed to not be a dad by his 30th bday, which was an initial goal. I like to tease him that for a Catholic, pro-lifer, he has an interesting take on when he becomes a dad. ;o)
The Thursday before, the baby and I surprised Steve with a table saw (insert Tool Time guy sound here). I am a strict observer of birthday and Christmas and any other gift-giving/receiving waiting, so it was especially surprising. I wasn't able to get it out of my car though, so he was even able to put it to use before the big day.
We spent that Saturday with the Murrays, doing a pre-bday celebration for Steve and his sister and then attending a family wedding. It was a good day to relax and enjoy each other's company.
His birthday was lowkey, spent predominantly in the basement, but he did get a yummy DQ cake and monkey bread for breakfast the next morning. (Painting the baby's room took away from my regular grocery run, hence the belated bday breakfast.) 30 should be a good year. A new baby, a finished basement, a new Gopher stadium - what more could a guy wish for??

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