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26 September 2009

Busy week 2!

I cannot believe that Emma is 16 (!) days old!! She's had a busy second week of life - running lots of errands, heading in to the offices (both mommy's & daddy's), hanging out at the salon, buying cute shoes, cheering on football teams, having brunch, and hanging out with mommy, daddy, and grandma.

Grandpa Wilson left on Tuesday, sadly I'm sure, and we've got Grandma Wilson with us for a few more days. I'm getting a little anxious about going at this alone, but know we have great support around and that ultimately we really can handle this. It has been super nice having the help with meals and dishes and laundry, etc. over the past several weeks.

Emma is busy growing and changing with each moment. At her doctor's appointment Tuesday night she weighed in at 8 lb .05 oz and had grown almost an inch!! She's only in the 7th percentile for weight to length right now, we'll see how long that lasts. She's also starting to loose her newborn scrunch, starting to stretch her legs (and exercise her lungs) a bit more each day. Each change is bittersweet for her mommy, I love that she's a healthy, growing baby and it breaks my heart just a little to know how quickly it's all going. We definitely are doing our best to soak up each precious moment with our sweet baby girl!!

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