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13 September 2009


We (like all new parents I'm sure) keep getting excited about all of Emma's firsts. Now granted, at 3 days old, it's pretty hard to do something that's not a first, but it's still exciting! So here are a few pictures of Emma's firsts.

First time in her Cubs hat - daddy swears it's close to her last, but she just looks so dang cute in it I doubt that's true!

First time meeting "Auntie Juzie"

First flowers - roses (10 for the 10th) from Auntie Juzie & first floral delivery from Gma & Gpa Murray

First family football night - she was born on NFL season opener

Daddy gave Emma her first bath - before that she was only touched with gloves & the hat she had worn was placed in a biohazard bag!

All clean - nice job Daddy!

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