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25 October 2011

He's here!

Well, 50% of the votes were correct, Wilson Matthew Murray arrived Saturday night (22nd) at 11:35 pm after a 3 hour labor. I went to bed early after feeling cruddy, just rolled over to go to sleep, after journaling to this baby that I thought we'd meet him/her soon, maybe tomorrow, and suddenly realized that my water had broken. WEIRD sensation. Thankfully I listened to the nurse on the phone and we headed straight in after gathering our things and telling Emma good night because contractions picked up quickly and he was born within 2 hours of our arrival at the hospital. Seriously unbelievable. Steve was an amazing labor support and the birth went exactly as we had hoped!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful!!!! So happy you had the birth you hoped for and that WILSON is finally here! He's just adorable and Em looks like a fabulous big sister. Congrats, guys, this is just perfect. x