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26 April 2009

Happiest Mommy on the Block

My husband woke me up this morning carrying up a tray with breakfast. This has never happened in our marriage and I must say I enjoyed it! He made himself breakfast as well so we sat in bed, ate, and caught up with each other. Things have been so busy, especially for him, that it's been hard to catch each other to really have a conversation. The other day we were trying to talk about some pretty important things related to my job while on the phone. We both had to go several times to run do something else (pick up dinner, screens at a hardware store, leave work, etc.), so it was a pretty disjointed conversation. I'm still glad we had it, but it was really nice this morning to savor an hour just talking while also being able to look at each other.

I don't think I was the only one who appreciated it. The baby kicked so that Steve could feel it for the first time. I think that (s)he really appreciated that mommy got breakfast in bed and wanted to say thank you as well. :o)

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