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08 April 2009

Takin' the bump and headin' out of town!

We leave for Abq in less than 12 hours!! Yay! (Although the waking up to get to the airport to be on a plane by 6:30 am, not yay.) The bump is very excited to go on his/her second flight (first was to Nashville, but he/she didn't have ears yet, so it may not have been very memorable). I've felt more movement this evening, no doubt as a result of excitement (not the GIANT lemon-berry slush I had today. . . I figured if I wanted more after a medium, a large would be grand. Wrong.) . . . I digress.

We will be in Abq for a few days, coming back on Easter Sunday. The baby cannot wait for an authentic NM breakfast burrito, Dion's pizza, and green chile among other treats. He/she is also very excited for his/her grandparents to catch a glimpse in person of the growth that's occured.

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy. Found you blog through Matt, Liz & madeline's blog !