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15 April 2009

It's a...

Baby!! We held firm and did not learn the sex of our little boy or girl. But we did learn that his/her heart is just fine. They spent some extra time checking it out due to a heart condition I have (that has never been an issue, nor should it become one). Just to be safe, I get to have a cardio echo done at some point, but it's nice to know the baby's all clear. Although my friends mom refers to me as the "one who's having triplets", the baby is measuring right on target. I don't know if I can say the same for me, I'll be at the doctor and will find out next week! Steve seems a little amazed at the fact that this bump will keep on growing. Here are a few pictures of the little one as well as a video of his/her heart beating away.

Baby feet!!

Just 10 weeks ago - the whole baby wasn't as big as one foot is now!

Baby Murrays Profile - who do you think (s)he looks like?!

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