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10 April 2009

The Land of Enchantment?

Or maybe it's gluttony, not sure which. In the first 3 hours after landing in Albuquerque, I consumed a WONDERFUL breakfast burrito at the Frontier (as well as a few bites of Steve's butter sponge, mmmm), a slice of pizza (with green chile of course), and some salad at Dion's. In less than 3 hours. It was probably excessive, but man did it hit the spot! This baby has got to get some taste of fabulous NM food! Since we're only here for a few days, I've got to work hard at making that happen. So - this morning, we're meeting up with one of my girlfriends for breakfast (another burrito perhaps? You can't get anything like them in MN.), and yummy Mexican food with a good friend from hs at lunch.

This kid would really be in for it if we had time to head south to Cruces where there are more "must hit" spots from my past... One of these days we'll get down there, until then, we'll eat up here!

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