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19 April 2009

Baby Boom!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet or not, but this year we know of at least one baby due each month. (That is through Nov., we're still waiting for an announcement of a Dec. baby!) It's pretty nuts to think that 2009 will bring over 12 babies in to the lives of our family and friends!

Last night we had dinner with some of our baby's future playmates. Doug, Steve, and Brent were good friends in college and now we are all expecting our first kids within several months of each other. Janel is due first on 5 June, Jenny second on 2 August, and we're last but not least on 5 September. (Not exactly how things look though!)

It's great to think that our kid will have so many playmates closeby, we can't wait for the next gathering when the 6 becomes 9!

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