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06 April 2009

Drawing attention to yourself...

In the last few days it's happened. I've had people who didn't already know ask if I am pregnant. Today in the middle of a session, one of my individual clients stopped what we were talking about to check in, saying she hadn't noticed the last time she was in 2 weeks ago, but definitely did today. And at an event this weekend and a meeting tonight, others asked the question. I've thought it would be funny to tell someone no, I'm not pregnant, but that would probably just be mean. :o)

On a different note, our baby got to attend his/her first (last if the baby's a he) Eleusinia. (Well, and if the baby's a she, no pressure to be a Chi O, but wouldn't it be fun??) Anyway, my sorority had it's 114th founders day celebration. I love connecting with Chi O and participating in traditions each year. It makes me smile to know the memories shared with my sisters over the years and brings tears to my eyes when we read the Symphony or sing Shades. (And I don't think it was just hormones, some non-pregger ladies teared up as well!) The luncheon was nice and it was just good to reconnect.

Two more work days until we fly south. Hopefully the weekend forecast realizes that people who come from cold climates like warmth and makes a few adjustments. If not, we'll have plenty of green chile to keep us warm!


  1. Have fun in Alb. Be prepared for your allergies to explode. Pollen is throwing down hard for people susceptible to such things.

  2. Yeah, I figured as much, especially given the extra congestion pregnancy causes. Thanks for the warning! If you're inclined to go for a drive, I'm sure we could meet up at the orginial Owl Cafe at about the halfway point!