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02 April 2009

Getting "More" Pregnant

17 w 4 d

I had a client tell me on Monday that I'm "getting more pregnant." I'm not sure that's actually possible, but I definitely am looking more pregnant. I've had a few close calls on belly rubs, one from a client whom I'm sure will one day reach out and touch me and another from a co-worker... Both would have probably been fine with me. It was especially funny to watch my co-worker make a conscious effort to pull her hand back!

This week has been a busy week at work and I am pretty exhausted. After feeling on top of the world last week and working a 12 hour day with no nap and having tons of energy, I would have LOVED a nap today, but alas... Clients in crisis, groups, and paperwork will quickly take that dream away.

Baby Murray got to go to La Crosse this past weekend to (quietly) celebrate his/her grandparent's 60th birthdays. This coming weekend he/she will get to head south to NM to eat good food, see great friends, and show off his/her growth to his/her grandparents.

With aunts & uncles in La Crosse

With Grandma & Grandpa Murray

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