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02 May 2009

Week 21

Time continues to fly on by! We are at week 22 today and come 5 May, we'll be past month 5 with less than 4 left before the anticipated arrival! I think I've said this before, but there seriously is so much to get done that the time zipping by like this is a little frightening. And, we'll figure it out, that's what happens.

Steve and I watched The Business of Being Born last Sunday night. It brought up great discussions for us and really brought Steve on board with all I've been reading and learning about birth. The Murrays may be crazy and have a homebirth in the future, you never know, but with this one, I think we'll stick to the hospital plan (with as few medical interventions as we can possibly have). The more I read and learn, the more confident I am that my body was designed for this and I can and will be able to do this without terror, injury, and medication. I remember first meeting with our physician who commented on the fact that I believed this would most likely ensure that this would be my experience. I really appreciated that then and do still today. Now to have a talk with her about how freely I'll be able to move around. . .

Steve and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary this past Wednesday. We were married 2 years to the day that we met, so we have now known each other for just over 5 years. Pretty incredible how much has happened! We enjoyed a nice dinner at the restaurant where we had the rehearsal dinner and shared memories as well as excitement about the future. Hard to believe that next year will require a baby sitter if we are to go out alone!

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