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09 May 2009

Good-bye 22, Hello 23

This past week has not been my favorite. I've been feeling a lot more stressed out by life in general and as a result am happy that today marks the beginning of a new week (at least in the baby time line).

Today was one of those days where I had several fun things planned and fully intended on being 'productive' with the time in between. Instead it has turned in to a day (and a half, I guess it started last night) of connecting with myself and with girlfriends. Last night after taking dinner to Steve & his mom at our rental, I treated myself to some super yummy ice cream at Izzy's (salted caramel and Norweigan chai, I will be going back soon!), came home, popped on Sex in the City, and painted my toes for perhaps the last time without assitance in this pregnancy. That movie is like therapy for me, I aboslutely love it, and the time to just take a little time to treat myself was great.

Then this morning started with coffee with a girlfriend before trying out a free prenatal yoga class. Lindsay had two coupons to check out Blooma and she let me use one of them, which was great. The tension in my body was not a huge surprise after week, but it was a little shocking to me just how tight I was. The class was well timed and felt great. I came home, had lunch, fell asleep for a bit, watched a little TV, and then just spent the last few hours with my girlfriend Lisa looking at cute (over priced) baby stuff. Seriously, who would spend $100 + on a frilly tutu for a toddler? Don't get me wrong, it was adorable, but holy cow!

So now I'm waiting for Steve to come home so we can figure out dinner and I think head to see Wolverine. Not exactly a productive sense in some ways, but in others it was exactly the type of productivity I needed to welcome in this new week with a fresh perspective.

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