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23 May 2009

Taking a break

24 weeks, 6 days

I don't know what your Memorial Day plans are, but mine consist of psychopharmacology, social psychology, and if I'm really lucky, some industrial organizational psych and psych assessment. Not to mention some fabulous on-line prep tests for the EPPP. Sigh. I am glad to have the extra day and time to spend on this, but my hand is getting sore from making flash cards on psychotropic meds. Under one month to go though, so time to get focused!!

I decided to positively reinforce myself after getting through the mood stablizers though, with an email check and quick upload. I had a request for a picture with my head, so here it is! Steve's and my schedules have been pretty crazy up until recently and by the time he has been leaving for work, I've still been in pjs and when he gets home, they're often back on. Unless I've worked one of my late days, in which case I'm generally not up for a picture. :o)

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone, hopefully you're all enjoying time outside or something more exciting than me!

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