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06 May 2009

5 down 4 to go

Months that is. Holy cow! 5 May marked the end of the 5th month. It's hard to believe that Baby Murray's ETA is 4 months from now. It feels like there is still a ton to do (we haven't even thought much about the baby's room or done more that perused Babies R Us, plus I'm studying for licensure and Steve is rarely home as he's busy working and getting the rental ready). I guess this is like hide-and-seek, ready or not, the baby will come!

This morning I have my echocardiogram to see how my heart is adjusting to the pregnancy. I'm confident things will be fine, but I guess you never know. I believe the only adjustment to make would be taking antibiotics during delivery, which may cause me to butt up against my desire to be able to move about if they make me have them through an IV. Hopefully that would be negotiable. I generally head in to my md appointments, let her know things are fine, and leave without asking questions. This month though I plan on heading in with quite the list to get a better understanding of hospital restrictions and regulations for the birth process. I've even had a few dreams about my concerns and admimentally told my mom in one that I absolutely do not want Pit. She got the picture. :o)

Here are a few pictures of the bump from the past few days.

22 w 1 d, getting ready to study outside

The baby kept me smiling in spite of the EPPP as (s)he was quite wiggly!

Cooking with my baby. (**Sorry that so many of these pictures come with a direct shot of my arm pit, seems weird to me. . .**)

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