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22 May 2009

Up and at 'em

For some ridiculous reason, my eyes popped open at 4:45 this morning and there was no returning to slumberland. . . I stayed in bed for 30 minutes trying to get back to sleep and smiling as my baby was wiggling around before I admitted defeat and got up. Is the practice for earlier mornings starting already?? Couldn't that hold off until, oh, I don't know. . . The baby comes?!

Anyway. Getting up early had several advantages this morning. First, I learned of the birth of one of Baby Murray's friends, Peyton Surgenor, who was born a few weeks early and arrived yesterday. Steve and Peyton's daddy, Doug, became friends in college. It's exciting for these new babies to arrive!

The other advantage is that I have now spent over an hour purging stuff from the office. When my mom is up in June, she has been informed that I will be requesting her services to continue the process. I have gotten rid of (into recycling of course) loads of articles on grief and loss, so you would think that the office is already a bit more cheerful! In yoga at work yesterday, Tara offered the suggestion of removing as much from our lives/homes that don't meet the criteria of being: beautiful, useful, or able to bring a smile to your face.

I come by my pack rattiness honestly, but am working hard at rebelling against it. Because seriously, am I going to review the volunteer handbook from practicums I was on several years ago? I don't think so. If I work there again, they'll give me a new handbook. Until then, get out of my office!

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