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17 May 2009

Already a distraction

It's amazing to me how distracting someone who weighs barely a pound can be! When (s)he moves around, it is so hard to stay focused! This can be problematic in sessions with clients, at church, and when I'm trying to study. The first two situations help me remember to practice being mindful, slow down, and stay in the moment. The last is a good reminder that it's easier to study now than it will be when (s)he makes the grand enterance!

It has been a fairly uneventful weekend, which is nice. Yesterday I got a haircut and then studied a bit at a little (noisy) coffee shop. Came home, ate lunch, and tried to study a bit more. I decided a nap might help and then proceeded to hit snooze for over an hour. Whoops. Woke up and got a little more done before we made a yummy dinner of some Canadian northern, potatoes, and corn before dessert at the theater (buttered popcorn, YUMMY!). We saw Star Trek, along with much of the rest of the country I think, and it really was good! There were a few parts that got loud suddenly and started Baby Murray, (s)he had a few sudden responses that were, you guessed it, distracting.

This morning we went to church, grabbed a yummy lunch, and now Steve is at the rental for a few hours while I get some studying done. (I promise I'm taking just a short break now to catch up the blog for the week. I will promptly go back to work in spite of my strong desire to take a nap!)

Time is just zipping by. I can't believe how quickly it feels like this summer is going to go and then Baby Murray will be here! We are trying to figure out all the possible scenarios for the nursery and may have come up with a good option at lunch today. There may be a brief period of time in which the office gets moved in to the dining room, but Steve has assured me we can move it upstairs before the baby comes and put the dining room back together so I don't have a nesting freak out over the state of the house. We're also thinking of moving our bedroom to the main floor for several months this summer where the guest room currently is. This would serve me well for several reasons. 1. It's closer to the bathroom and that is increasingly appealing and 2. it's cooler downstairs and as it heats up and I grow, that too is increasingly appealing. So the house may be a little topsy turvy, but we'll get through!

23 weeks, 4 days

**Oh, and Steve's aunt gave me a suggestion to try for my legs. . . I'm picking up some cream today and crossing my fingers that it works!**


  1. At the risk of sounding completely ignorant, what's up with your legs?

  2. You have not been reading very closely. . . At the end of some days I end up with redness and itching behind my knees. It hurts and I don't like it. Steve's aunt suggested a topical creme to try (that I have yet to pick up). Hasn't bugged me in a few days, knock on wood, but I'll be picking some up. AND in the middle of the night sometimes I wake up with TERRIBLE cramps in my calf (right leg only). So I'm all screwed up and preggers.