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20 May 2009

Hot in here!

(Both 24 w 4 d)

Holy cow! I'm a girl who loves some heat, in my food, in the weather, you name it. That being said, the air conditioning hasn't been working right at work, I'm on the top floor (pregnant ), and all I wanted was a temperature drop!! I also work with clients who are perpetually cold and even in the sauna that was the group room tonight were snuggled up with sweaters. Phew! It's supposed to cool off tomorrow - I'm counting on it.

One of my clients tonight said it was practice for August since it'll be like this. Except with 12 more weeks of baby and 120 x more humidity!! Not sure that it's going to be quite the same, but if so, I've done it at least.

Here are a few baby pictures for the week. The belly just looked too good and swollen tonight to not share up close and personal!

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