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23 February 2009

Morning, noon, and night

Sickness that is. For a while I mostly experienced nausea, getting sick just once or twice. Then I mostly was nauseaus in the evening, which really is as convenient as it can be given I was able to put on sweats after work and head to bed. For the last few weeks, though, I have felt naseaus and actually been sick many times throughout the day. I left church early last week because I started feeling so poorly and couldn't even muster up the desire to go this week due to it. "They" say it subsides in the 2nd trimester, but I'm 5 days away and it has intensified. Sigh. I'm hoping that come Saturday my body realizes it should technically be past this point and gives me a break!! (**I'm also wondering how to discerene when it's "morning sickness" vs. actually being sick, especially now that Steve's not feeling great today.)

I made the decision to tell my clients today, at least in the intensive outpatient program I work with, that I am pregnant. This was largely due to the increase in nausea and some difficulty eating. Working with clients with eating disorders poses a special challenge in this process. My body is changing and I'm not always sure how I feel about that (especially when clothes I've had for years no longer fit), certain foods are revolting (namely fish, even though I generally really like fish), and in my role I am working with clients on accepting their bodies and reclaiming foods regardless. They all responded really well and I trust that they will be understanding of adaptations and changing needs. I also trust that the team I work with will be wonderfully supportive at the times when the clients (or their eating disorders) are not able to be. In a lot of ways it feels good to have the information shared!

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