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24 February 2009

Cat naps & birth psychology

I love naps, always have, likely always will. And one of my favorite things (and really a necessity to get through these days and be able to actually pay attention to my clients) is to shut my door, set my alarm, and curl up in my comfy chair with a throw pillow & a blanket. I love that I work some place where I don't need to be sneaky about this, that it is considered self care and is even supported. This place has been a blessing in so many ways.

The other thing I have been meaning to write about since last week was a lecture I went to with a girlfriend on "Riding the Hormonal Waves" of childbirth. The child birth educator came from the perspective of promoting natural childbirth and reclaiming the birth experience as something to be valued in this country, rather than a purely medical, detached procedure. My girlfriend Lindsay has had me thinking more about this since September when we first got together to talk birth and I had never considered the birth experience I would want when I thought about having a child.

This speaker touched on how our bodies are programmed for this experience and if we can trust the instintual knowledge and respect our bodies needs (whether to move, groan, etc.), birth can be not only miraculous, but an empowering experience. This way of thinking really fits with me and is in line with the work I am doing with my clients on becoming more in tune with their bodies. The idea of birth psychology was also new to me before last Tuesday and now may become a professional interest to persue.

I won't get into the details since what is really exciting and fascinating to me may be a bit of a snooze for others, but if you'd like to talk more about it, I'd love to meet up for a cup of coffee (decaf for me of course) to chat more! I guess my main thought is that the lecture as well as other conversations & information I have been privledged to gain lately have really changed my perspective on this whole experience and the experience to come.

Hopefully this all made since. I'm overly tired and due for my cat nap!


  1. Honey! What a great idea to blog about this! When your kiddo is 12 or 13 they would kill to see all this! Keep a backup! I will be following from here on out. If, throughout your pregnancy, you really need to puke, check out my blog (all nemes and identifying markers have been changed) at www.lyingonthecouch-krista.blogspot.com/

  2. blah, blah, blah Katie. ;)

    When do we get to hear from Steve? His name is on this too!

  3. Haha Patrick. I think the likelihood of Steve actually blogging is about as good as the likelihood of my finishing Gravities Rainbow & YOU reading the HP series! ;o) I put his name on here to be polite