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17 February 2009

How much...

...can I attribute to this baby?? Weight gain, check, nausea, check, exhaustion, check, absent-mindedness, check?! I just turned on a burner to heat up my tea pot. I went through my exercises (first time since I badgered my trainer husband to get me some a few weeks ago, obviously I was in a hurry to start) and the kettle still hadn't whistled. Seemed strange, so I went in to the kitchen to check it out and was greeted by smoke and a melted spoon & spatula. Awesome. I turned on the wrong burner. Is there any way I can blame this on the baby???

**Oh, and as I was typing this I realized that I still hadn't heard the kettle whistle, so I went back in to check it out. I had transfered my tea pot on to the hot burner, and proceeded to turn the burner off.**

1 comment:

  1. Hey Katie Wilson... sorry Steve. I am so glad that you are blogging. Congrats on being Prego. Oh, by the way, cleaning up dog vomit at 4:45 am is nothing compared to baby explosions at 3 am. Every second is worth it...believe me! Kirstin