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01 March 2009

A little bit of catch up and a NEW record!!

I am finally uploading pictures from the past few months... I've been a bit behind. So please enjoy initial confirmation, a short video with our 9 wk 4 day ultrasound, and "the bump" at 12 wk 4 days. (It looks bigger depending on what I'm wearing, but it is definitely there and growing!)

We had a great weekend in Appleton with wonderful friends and family. We had a chance to have a few reminders of how quickly kids grow up, from Eliana who is now working on walking and sharing all sorts of interesting news with those who will listen, to Isaac whose imagination and energy are endless! It was wonderful to connect with some of the people we hold most dear.

And now for the record... I have not been sick in TWO days!! Hooray! I hit 13 weeks yesterday and am hoping this trend continues as the second trimester is right around the corner.

I get to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time Tuesday night. Steve won't be able to come, so if I'm able, I'll take a video and hopefully get it up before too long.


  1. Congrats on reaching the non-nausea plateau!

  2. Ha! Patricia Murray!
    And your 'bump' just looks like you are pooching your tummy out after a big meal.