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14 March 2009

Please don't step on the baby!

I'm waiting for an email to find out what time I can pick up my (2nd?) Craigs List purchase. This one is a fantastic SUV dog gate for the steal price of $30. I'm thrilled. Best part it, it will allow the dogs to come along with me, not get dirty paw prints all over my (already dirty) car, and eventually, will prevent them from hopping around the car and stepping on the baby. Do you think they would actually do that? Probably not, but it seems like a good idea to not even give them the chance!

In other zoo news, a fantastic athlete of Steve's has ASKED us if she can come over to PLEASE walk our dogs THREE time a week! WHAT?! Woo hoo! This reminds me of when we lived in Germany and couldn't have a dog (so we had hamsters that I am now sort of scared of). I would go over to the guys a step or two down from the base commander and ask them if I could walk their dogs. Both of them had yards, which made it easier to have dogs on base. And both of them had at least one and I believe maybe two dogs. It was great for me to go over, play with the dogs - I think one pair was Muffy and Missy - and pretend I had my own. I am only now realizing how fantastic it had to have been to have an excited middle schooler request to get their dogs out on a walk. This girl is going to be my favorite, I just know it!!

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