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18 March 2009

New cousins, friends, and awarenesses

Baby Murray has had 2 cousins born in the past month. One, Peter Lane, is on the Murray side and joins big siblings Henry & Clare as well as oldest cousin Isaac. The other is on the Wilson side, Emerson August, who is the first child of my life long BFF.

I think it's pretty great that he or she will have cousins around his/her age. Wasn't that the best growing up? When you would go to your grandparents and get to play with your cousins? For us, since we never lived near family, it was always especially exciting to have those visits. Hopefully Baby Murray will get to see his/her cousins on a more regular basis. I can imagine though that Emerson will be a friend who is sadly not seen as often as we'd like. Right now his parents live in NY and I believe the intention is to return to WA at some point... But Lauren and I managed to see each other and maintain a close friendship in spite of the fact that we haven't lived by each other since 1994, so it is possible!

Baby Murray is also going to have quite the circle of friends born this year. We know of a baby in January, 2 in Feb, 1 in March, (April & May only through friends of friends), June, 2 in July, 3 in August, and he or she in September. It's quite the baby boom in our circle of friends and now I think all of Steve's friends will have kids. Time for mine to step it up! ;o)

A couple of other things that have been on my mind... Having a cold when you're pregnant stinks, especially if you are like me and believe Tylenol cold or other OTC meds are your friend. Steve avoids them like the plague, so he's handle this limitation better than me. I'm just glad I can still take some Tylenol. The other thing I learned last night is that reaching my arms way over my head hurts. It must have pulled at my stomach muscles when I was straining to put a pot back on top of the pot rack (I am way too short to do that and ended up pulling out a chair). I will try to remember not to do that again.

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